5 Essential Backpacks To Add To Your Collection

Today is the day SHOUT revises your view and your choice-making when it comes to choosing the suitable bag for your every utilisation – whether or not you choose one based on design, colour or your own style preference. Functionality is now the new factor (or what we recommend and introduce at least) when choosing a bag pack. The conventional backpack has not had many alterations, except we see a new wave of technology-infused bags that has brought a whole new ball game to the industry. These bags promote a new dimension of performance in the fit for looking good, feeling good, and actually being good in their operation – not to mention looking absolutely stylish at the same time.
1. PRVKE 21 (The one for the wander-visual-lust)
First and foremostly the PRVKE 21 is designed for the two elements of Photography and Travelling – a successor to the PRVKE pack introduced and launched on Kickstarter. Newer, slicker and smooth, this backpack will definitely appeal to said travelers and photographers.


Available in three different colours – Aegean Blue, Black and Wasatch-Green – and without sacrificing functionality, the PRVKE 21 entails flat-lay packing for expedition of fitting your travelling items or camera, expandable flaps that hold up to 25 liters of gear and contain key holding and easy-access pockets for the two most important items for the photo-traveller species – your passport and camera. With an extra secure tri-fold laptop sleeve and a passport pockets within a hand’s reach, this bag almost grants you an almost hands-free experience with side accesses and space saving relish.

PRVKE 21, $149.00 onwards

Strong and decisive, this bag is an embodiment of not only style (and envious glances in your direction), but an epitome of functionality that is sure to ease your advances. With an integrated camera strap for extra easy access and switching, this bag also bears a water resistant quality that sets it apart from its predecessor and other backpacks.
2. The Sneaker Backpack (The one for the Sneakerhead)
The release of elliptical and rectangular iconic inventions is Hex’s backpack – The Sneaker Backpack – a bag made solely for sneaker heads with a dream compartment – an air-mesh ventilated sneaker compartment.


Designed on the pinnacle of modernism, this backpack, much like the PRVKE 21, focuses on functionality whether you utilise the bag for gym purposes, for sports, or for everyday use to hold your daily items. The Sneaker Backpack comes in matte black coated canvas, a custom pu-coated camo print, and sterling gray brushed nylon.

Calibre Black Sneaker Backpack, $149.95

With a matte finish and a stylish outlook, the sneaker backpack packs as more than simply a bag. A second zippered compartment from the first carries up to a 17-inch laptop in padded and faux-fur lined for added safe-keeping. On top of other contraptions and straps that functionalise this backpack, the bag comes with a compression strap for comfort, one of the most important factors in a general wardrobe.
3. Cote and Ciel (The one for the Stylishly Safe)
Embodying the infusion of technology segment mentioned earlier, Cote and Ciel’s Nile Alias aims to act as an extension of your body – with the weaving of modern fabrics, a hard-wearing canvas and soft grained leather that provides the ultimate texture for comfort.

Nile Alias, USD 650

Like all ideal backpacks, the Nile Alias boasts sturdy zips with leather pullers coupled with two openings for easy access to the interior, a continually large internal spatial area for your items – banking on safety yet being functional at the same time.

4. Burton: Tinder Pack (The one for the workaholic)
Possessing a good and stylish backpack doesn’t actually equate to having a backpack per se, the general rule of the bag wardrobe includes a functional yet stylish laptop bag in today’s fast-changing technological and social times.


Apart from its capabilities in holding 25 liters of gear, with an adjustable sternum strap and an ergonomic harness – this bag protects as much as it provides functions, at the same time maintaining a slick, faux leather exterior in many earthy in-season tones that add to its appeal. This laptop bag additionally comes in various styles and forms which cater widely to your wardrobe palette as well.

Burton Tinder Pack, $89.oo

Its key role in being a laptop bag also involves a separate padded laptop compartment and an easy drawstring closure that expedites your daily activities from leisure to the crunch-time work.
5. Birksun Solar Backpack (The one for the energy saver)
Fret not from this bag forward should you be absent of a portable charger or dead phone batteries on your android or iPhone. The key most intriguing feature – it’s solar panel installation.

Birksun Solar Backpack, $249.00

With an additional built-in battery, a USB cable with a set of adapters for most smartphones and various gadgets, the Birksun is also equipped with a special compartment for laptops up to 17″, a large compartment for personal items and lodgings alongside ergonomic straps. Nothing more needs to be said for its eco-friendly yet functional quality of keeping your gadgets alive should you need them in dire artistic endeavors (or simply to remain contactable).

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