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Japanese-inspired French Pastry Along The Upper East Coast!

(Image by @saltyaaron on Instagram)

Our favourite Japanese-styled bake shop serving authentic Japanese-inspired French pastry, along Singapore’s Civic and Cultural District, has finally expanded to the Upper East Coast! Best known for their selection of predominantly fruit-centric desserts that are light in flavour, Flor Patisserie utilises only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, sourced from countries like Japan, Belgium, France, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

Pronounced ‘Fu-ro-ru’, Flor is the Portuguese word for flower, and the brand aims to embody the delicate balance of nature and beauty. Presenting their cakes as flowers in a garden, Flor encourages guests to taste a varied selection, as though adorning the table with an assembly bouquet of edible flowers.

(Image by @saltyaaron on Instagram)

Now housed within a quaint and rather muted storefront, with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows at its entrance, the all-new Flor Patisserie untouched cement walls, and intricate flooring for the ideal balance of industrial design and elegance.

(Image by @saltyaaron on Instagram)
(Image by @saltyaaron on Instagram)

Centered by an array of lush flora and fauna, the cafe features a limited set of wooden seating arrangements, and an opulent display counter, alongside shelves of exquisite teas, snacks, and other merchandise.

(Image by @saltyaaron on Instagram)

Serving a variety of freshly baked pastries, customers are invited to indulge in the cafe’s $16.90 Momo Tart, $53.50 Tarte aux Fraise et Pistache, $16.05 Strawberry Tofu Chiffon, $13.40 Tarte aux Fraise et Pistache, $13.40 Tarte aux Griottes, $9.65 Passion Donut, $9.52 Paris Vert, and $10.20 Waguri Millefeuille, amongst a variety of others.


[NEW] Flor Patisserie

Address: 53 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 455214

Operating Hours: (Tues-Sun): 11am-6pm


Flor Patisserie

Address: 13 Stamford Rd, #01-11, Singapore 178905

Operating Hours: (Tuesday-Thursday): 11am-7pm, and (Friday-Sunday): 11am-8pm


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