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1. Free Soup Base Pack from HaiDiLao

The best thing about eating at HaiDiLao (HDL)is arguably its warm and comforting soups. If you simply can’t get enough of HDL’s slurpilicious soups, simply say, “你家的汤底好好喝” (nǐ jiā de tāng dǐ hǎo hǎo hē); which means “your soup is very delicious” and get a pack of their soup base to take home! The exact soup flavours you’ll get varies, but so far we’ve seen people walk away with tomato and shrimp flavoured soup packs. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll even get to choose the flavour you want!


I try all of HaiDiLao’s Cheat Codes! Final part! FREE COKE BEAR HEHE #hdl #hdlhacks #tiktoksg

♬ original sound – Royce Lee – Royce Lee

TikTok: @theroycelee

2. Free Bandung/Cola Bear at HaiDiLao

End off your sumptuous hotpot feast at HDL with a sweet, icy and adorable treat! Just ask for a “可乐熊” (kě lè xióng)—Cola Bear—or a “玫瑰” (méi guī xuě rén)—Rose Snowman—and you’ll be presented with either a Coke Bear Float or Bandung Bear Float respectively! 

TikTok: @wendyxgoh

Do note that these Bear Floats are subject to availability as there are only limited numbers of Bear Floats per day, and not every HDL outlet offers them. If you want one, do call ahead to the outlet you’re visiting to avoid disappointment! For more hacks/secret codes at HDL for freebies, see our article here


They don’t have coke bear (可乐熊) so they gave us this bandung instead #haidilao #hdl #haidilaohacks #tiktoksg

♬ original sound – Wendy – Not A Robot

TikTok: @wendyxgoh

3. Extra Mentaiko Sauce at Genki Sushi

Maybe not so much of a hack for free food per se—but did you know you can get a top-up on mentaiko with your Mentaiko Fries at Genki Sushi? All you have to do is ask, and the friendly Genki Sushi Staff will gladly give you a generous side of extra mentaiko sauce (at no extra charge) for that extra kick of umami!


📍Genki Sushi 😋🍣✨ FYI U CAN ASK FOR MORE MENTAIKO SAUCE FOR THE FRIES #sgfoodie #sgcafe #sushi #sgtiktok

♬ Too Player by Vinny West – RyanKanta

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4. Free Ebi Mentai Sushi at Genki Sushi 

Can’t get enough sushi at Genki? Score an extra plate of Ebi Mentai Sushi on the house when you say the magic words: “ebi ebi am I kawaii?” ! Try this hack for yourself to see if it works! Disclaimer: subject to availability, as not all Genki Sushi outlets offer this secret code. 


🏃‍♂️💨 RUN BESTIES, DONT WALK!!!! Enjoy your free sushi🤪🤪😍😍😍😍 #fyp #tiktoksg stitch us after uve tried! #freefood #hacks

♬ original sound – Marcus Lo – Marcus Lo

TikTok: @themarcuslo 


5. Free Pearls at The Alley 

Bubble tea is not bubble tea without pearls. Upgrade your drink at Alley at no extra charge by saying: “bubble, tea or me?” to the Alley staff, who will then affectionately reply with: “of course, it’s you!”. After getting over the cringe aspect of the situation, you’ll be walking away happy with free pearls in your bubble tea! 


🚨secret code 4 my homies🤫say “Bubble, tea or me” for free pearls at #HUATAH #STONKs #sgtiktok #thealleysg #sgfoodie

♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

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6. Free Bubble Tea at Nando’s

Can’t handle the heat? Quell the spice at Nando’s with a cool glass of bubble tea, for free! All you have to do is say “1’m feeling bubbly” to the staff and you’ll get a tall glass of bubble tea to go with your mains! This code is only valid with a purchase of any Peri-Peri Bowl.

TikTok: @nandossg 


7. Free Froyo at Nando’s 

What better way to end off a good meal than with some frozen dessert! Claim a free cup of froyo with the code: “I like it frozen!”. This code is only valid with a purchase of any Peri-Peri Bowl.

TikTok: @nandossg 


8. Free Bottle of Peri-Peri Sauce at Nando’s

Image Credit: Shop Smart 

If sugary drinks and sweet treats aren’t what you’re looking for at Nando’s, why not bring the heat with their world-famous Peri-Peri sauce? Bag an entire bottle of Nando’s signature Peri-Peri sauce with the code: “It’s saucy time!”. This code is only valid with a purchase of any Peri-Peri Bowl.

TikTok: @nandossg 


9. Free Regular Fries at Shake Shake In A Tub

Can’t get enough of all the fried goodies at Shake Shake In A Tub? Get even more with this secret code! Simply say “I only have fries for you” to get a tub of Regular Shoestring Fries for absolutely free! Note that this code is only valid with a minimum purchase of $5 which entitles you to 1x Free Regular Shoestring Fries. The code is also only applicable for walk-ins only, not on delivery platforms. For more details, see our video here.

10. Free Crawfish Beehoon Upsize at White Restaurant 

Get an upgrade on your order when you order White Restaurant’s Crawfish & Turkey Mala White Beehoon! Just say: “麻辣麻辣我最辣” (mǎ là mǎ là wǒ zui là), to which the staff will reply: “麻辣麻辣小龙虾” (mǎ là mǎ là xiǎo lóng xiā)! What will you get by saying this code? A free upsize to Medium Mala Crawfish Beehoon with a whopping 12 crawfish! 

TikTok: @eatsnapsg