20F Speciality Coffeehouse
20F Specialty Coffeehouse is the newest addition to the cafe scene in Jalan Besar. Converted from an old Chinese medicinal hall, the quaint cafe has a modern victorian interior featuring some vintage elements. Having recently opened its doors to the public, 20F Specialty Coffee already has cafe-hoppers flocking to their space for good coffee and a selection of unique dishes.

Pulled Pork Benedict (SGD $18)
A twist to the conventional Eggs Benedict, the Pulled Pork Benedict is a combination of pulled pork, poached eggs, salad rocket and vine tomatoes served on brioche alongside a generous drizzle of chipotle hollandaise sauce.


Pulled Duck Flat Bread (SGD $17)
Available for both lunch and dinner, the Pulled Duck Flat Bread consists of pulled duck and apple slaw on flat bread, served with a side of nachos and guacamole dip.


Pulled Pork Burger (SGD $16)
Note: Available on Mondays only
Exclusively available only on Mondays, the Pulled Pork Burger is a unique fusion dish with pulled pork, tomatoes, red wine sauce and wasabi mayo sandwiched in a brioche bun alongside a serving of side salad.

Affogato (SGD $6) & 20F Iced Coffee (SGD $6.50)


Latte (SGD $5)


Espresso Kahlua Waffles (SGD $12)
One of 20F Specialty Coffeehouse’s signature desserts, the Espresso Kahlua Waffles consist of fluffy buttermilk waffles topped with dark chocolate sorbet, streusel, pistachio and a single scoop of vanilla ice cream. The combination is completed with a drizzle of rich and aromatic espresso Kahlua sauce.
20F Specialty Coffeehouse
20 Foch Road
Singapore 209261

Business Hours
Monday to Sunday: 10am to 10pm (Tentative – soft launch)

Phone: +65 6291 4940
Instagram: @20fcoffee


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