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All-New Two-in-One Minimalist Cafe and Art Exhibition!

Set along the bustling street of 204 Jalan Besar, this all-new artisan café specializes in gourmet French pastry. Founded by a group of passionate friends, La Vie was established with an aim to create a conducive and comfortable environment for all who visit.

Initially branded as an online patisserie, the café first began with a selection of simple coffees and cakes, but quickly evolved into the artistic space it is today. Grounded by strong community values, La Vie hopes to be a space for artists to showcase and sell their work.

Complete with walls adorned by paintings, the café not only offers free exhibition space, but is also socially-conscious in their sourcing. Through utilizing locally-sourced beans and tea leaves, the café hopes to become a championing support to as many homegrown talents and businesses as possible.

Fitted with a mix of plush velvet cushions and sofas, alongside metallic seating arrangements, La Vie showcases a highly minimal café set-up, though they have made great effort to assimilate themselves into the Jalan Besar district. Inspired by the surrounding clubs and bars, La Vie, too hopes to create a visually compelling experience amongst guests – thus the dim blue-hued lightning on the way to the toilet. Through my conversations with co-founder, Nelson, I have come to find that the café is far from complete, as the crew have plans of adding further installations in the form of visually-stimulating projections.


Named after two of the chef’s pets, the ‘Chloe’ and ‘Kaiser’ are regarded as the café’s best-selling and signature pastries, alongside the Watermelon Strawberry cake, and Bailey Tiramisu. Made from espresso and baileys, soaked ladyfingers, and mascarpone zabaione, the Baileys Tiramisu is undoubtedly the most eye-catching of the entire selection.

Bailey Tiramisu

Served in a miniature flower pot, with a single mint sprouting at the top, the $8.50 Bailey Tiramisu is a metaphor which represents La Vie’s entrance as a new business along a heavily congested street. Designed to be both creamy and milky, without being too sweet, La Vie has paid careful attention in maintaining the integrity of the original dessert. Catering to an adult palette, the Bailey Tiramisu alongside all of La Vie’s meticulously curated selection of desserts present sweet flavours in a health-conscious manner.


Originally made by French pastry chef and chocolatier, Pierre Hermé, La Vie’s signature $8.50 Chloe pastry represents the café’s uniquely innovative rendition of the dessert. Through eliminating raspberries from the final recipe, La Vie’s Chloe intends to cater to a more Singaporean palette, and thus incorporates lychee mousse, rose sponge, lychee bits, and lychee popping boba.

Watermelon Strawberry

Extremely creamy with a subtly sweet taste, the Chloe’s texture is almost comparable to that of the Watermelon Strawberry cake. Crafted from almond dacquoise, rose chantilly cream, watermelon, strawberry, grapes, and blueberries, this pastry showcases an unexpectedly harmonious explosion of flavours and textures. First discovered by the chef in Australia, the $9.50 Watermelon Strawberry also showcases the café’s personal touch in adequately localising the dessert.

Artisanal Tea

Both desserts also pair seamlessly with the cafe’s signature $4 artisanal tea – a fizzy fruit-flavoured beverage which turns from light blue to purple when stirred.

While all of La Vie’s unique offerings showcase impressive flavour and calculated restraint, the café’s $9 Kaiser definitely tops this list. Made of mango mousse, passionfruit sponge, mango bits, and mango popping boba, this dessert features the perfect blend of flavour. Filled with liquid, this dish will literally pop in your mouth, and is further complemented by delicate toppings in the form of cornflower, white chocolate pearls, and silver leaves.


La Vie

Address: 204 Jln Besar, Singapore 208890

Operating Hours: (Mon-Sun): 12pm-10pm

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