Creative Workshops That One Should Attend In 2016

As the new year begins, one can opt to attend enriching workshops and pick up creative skills such as painting, leather-crafting, calligraphy and even baking — interact with other participants and make new friends the same time. Here are some activities that your friends and yourself can attend together, have fun and at the same time pick up a new skill for the new year.
1. Basic Brush Lettering Workshop
(Photos: @papelineco on Instagram)
A positive and motivational quote that resonates with individuals always makes for a great gift when encased in a frame. Held in collaboration with Naiise, the basic brush lettering workshop will be conducted by Enrica, a letterer and calligrapher from PapeLineCo.
In this workshop, participants can learn to create your own framed art with quotes by learning about the basics of writing and lettering with brushes. A basic kit comprising of 3 brushes, uppercase / lowercase guide sheets, practice sheets, ink will be provided for each participant. Interested parties can visit Naiise’s website for more details on the workshops.
2. Painting Flowers and Wreaths Workshop
2-paintingflowers(Photo: @mysweetscarlett on Instagram)
Intricate leaves and flower wreaths are great aesthetic additions that frame up quotes beautifully, adding a sweet and vintage element to the artwork at the same time. Conducted by Marina, the founder of stationery and gifts store – My Sweet Scarlett Paperie, this workshop allows individuals to learn about basic colour blending techniques as well as brush strokes to paint intricate details of flowers and leaves.
Individuals will get to experiment with different mediums including watercolour, gouache, as well as acrylic paints. Included in this workshop are materials including an art diary, a blank card, paints, brushes, all in a storage bag. For more details on this workshop, refer to My Sweet Scarlett’s website.
3. Basic Leather Card Holder Making Workshop
(Photo: @byndartisan on Instagram)
Conducted by trained leather-crafting artisans from local bookmaking store Bynd Artisan, the basic leather cardholder workshop allows individuals to learn basic skills and techniques of handling leather – such as cutting, grain direction and skiving, and at the same time, create their very own handmade and personalised leather card holder. For more details and other information on leather-crafting workshops, visit Bynd Artisan’s website.
4. Floral Arrangement Workshop

4-flowerarrangement(Photo: @shopwonderlandsg on Instagram)
Flower arrangement is the art of creating pleasing compositions and designs through the use of flowers and plants adding a touch of elegance to their surroundings. A space that fuels the passion for florals and aesthetics, Shop Wonderland is also a cafe and floristry that regularly conducts workshops that are floral-related, such as flower arrangement and botanical art workshops.
Individuals can learn to create modernised floral bouquets, wreaths and table centrepieces by learning the basic elements of flower arrangement, including basic structure, textures and points of focus. For details on floral arrangement workshops, visit Shop Wonderland’s website where regular updates on class schedules are posted.
5. Basic Scrapbooking Workshop

11123883_472099199610813_148378003_n(Photo: @papermarketsg on Instagram)
Scrapbooking is a method of preserving memories through journaling and decorating the pages with photos, artwork, embellishments and more. As one of the most popular craft stores in Singapore that stocks a variety of scrapbooking materials, PaperMarket also regularly conducts workshops for scrapbooks, cards and photo albums.
An introductory scrapbooking workshop at PaperMarket allows one to learn the basic techniques of scrapbooking using papers of your choice, accompanied by letterings, photos and embellishments. For more information on the workshops, visit PaperMarket’s website.
6. Canvas Painting Workshop

cupsncanvas(Photo: @cupsncanvas on Instagram)
Painting on canvas is often avoided by many due to the large amount of space on a piece of canvas. However, with the right guidance by experienced tutors, art jamming on canvas is a therapeutic activity that helps one to relax and de-stress.
At Cups N Canvas, one can enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee and at the same time, paint in a relaxing environment. Cups N Canvas regularly conducts painting sessions and classes as well for inexperienced individuals who would like to try their hands on painting. For more information on painting classes, visit Cups N Canvas’ website.

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