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Mamee Monster Crisps Can Now Be Found at NTUC For $2.40

Snack brand Mamee’s Monster Crisps, which used to only be available exclusively at Malaysian supermarket Mydin, can now be found at NTUC! We found them at the supermarket aisle and had to give these much-raved snacks a try. 

They come in two flavours —Spicy Prawn and Green Pepper— and retail at $2.40 a can. Because of Mamee’s trademark instant noodle snack, we were expecting the chips to adopt the same wavy texture, but they look just like regular potato chips. 

Taste wise, they fell slightly short of expectations, only because of how addictive the OG Mamee snacks are. Maybe we’d be hooked if they came in the original Mamee flavour instead, but for now, Spicy Prawn and Green Pepper are a little lacklustre for us. That said, like all junk food, they’d still make for nice midday munchies. 

What do you think? Are you crazy over these monster chips? 

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