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Pringles Mystery Flavour Now Available in Singapore, Get to Win $5000 by Guessing The Flavour

Which is better: striking the lottery, or winning $5000 from a food guessing contest? Either way we’ll have to take chances, and we’ll go with the latter which is Pringles’ Mystery Flavour contest. 

Source: Great Deals

The snack brand’s Mystery Flavour was spotted in local supermarkets for $3.95 for two cans, together with their ‘What’s the Flavour?’ contest. All you have to do is guess what the mystery flavour is and stand a chance to win S$5000! 

Source: Great Deals

But it’s not merely a guessing game — according to Pringles Singapore, apart from guessing the mystery flavour, you also have to tell them your favourite mystery in 25 words or less. Which means you don’t necessarily have to be 100% accurate in guessing the flavour as long as your answer is creative, original and aligns with Pringles’ branding. Time to get those brain juices revved up! 

Source: Great Deals

To enter the ‘What’s the Flavour’ contest, each participant must purchase any two Pringles products in one or two transactions and upload their receipts on Pringles’ website. Full mechanics of the contest here

Contest runs from 1 March 12.01am to 30 April 2020 11.59pm. 

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