Star Wars – Life In Singapore Lookbook

There exists a myriad of photoshoots with similar themes and concepts all around the world but here at SHOUT we bring you a breath of fresh local air. And so, teaming up with a local and talented street photographer, we brought the world of Star Wars to the streets of Singapore, recreating the conventional shoot with our very own spin.


Imagine if you didn’t have to experience the world of Star Wars through the big screen or recreate a world in your head through the books, imagine if you didn’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away just to be in touch with your favourite movie series. Continue imagining, if the very Stormtroopers in your irreplaceable Star Wars series walked amongst us and lived normal Singaporean lives right alongside you. Imagine no more, with great help from the 501st Legion’s Singapore Garrison, we’ve managed to merge the realms of Singapore and Star Wars, only this time gushing with local flavours and accents of our very own hometown, right in the heart of the city! Relive and remake your favourite Star Wars moments and memories with the Stormtroopers as you would never have imagined!

IMG_0015 final
Star Wars (2 b&w Final)
20151129-Star Wars (39)
20151129-Star Wars (42)
Star Wars (ad)
20151129-Star Wars (33)
Star Wars (19) revised
Star Wars (20)
20151129-Star Wars (19)
Star Wars (20) b&w
Star Wars (15)
Star Wars (3)
Star Wars (4)
Star Wars (22)

Creatives: Kate Yong, Brenda Ng & Umehara Ken
Photographers: Aik Soon, Kate Yong & Umehara Ken
Troopers: Alfred Lim, Andrew Fong & Jun Liang
Assistant: Jing Yi

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