Young And Promising Local Musicians

We are all aware of the heavyweights in music – both in the local and international scene, but this time we shed light on the hidden gems amongst the music hype and the norm in Singapore. These few artists have caught the ears of the team at SHOUT and are definitely worth listening to should you ever need a refresher from the music you’ve been listening to.
We’ve searched and tested the platforms of YouTube, SoundCloud and Instagram, and we’ve brought to light the many young and promising talents Singapore holds.
1. Andre Poh
Instagram: @hellocallmedre
Andre, who goes by the stage name of Popo, believes in music as an important platform for sharing and as a display of passion and art – both emotionally and mentally. Investing and writing in music reflective of soul, R&B and melancholy, Popo shares and converses his experience through music with anyone who is willing to listen with a husky, soulful and memorable voice.
2. Samantha Rui
Instagram: @sammirui
Samantha Rui probably has one of the most unique voices in Singapore. Being versatile both in range and genre, Samantha’s music is emotional yet quirky and distinct in style at the same time. Music that comes from the heart and from personal experiences tend to be the most beautiful – and Samantha is one musician to look out for.
3. Jonathan Paul
Instagram: @jonathanpaulsxw8
Jonathan Paul is immediately a definite must-hear with his melodious and soothing tone. Watch him deliver with his well-defined acoustic sound and put twists to some of the top songs in the music charts. Something of Jonathan’s voice is soft and gentle, yet another refreshing alternative to the talent out here in Singapore.
4. Gerald


A video posted by gerald. (@geraldbites) on

Instagram: @geraldbites
Despite his covers being limited to his Instagram account, Gerald’s voice has caught the ears of the team at Shout. With a mellow and surprisingly high vocal range, Gerald’s 15 second covers of several pop hits are on par and reflective of a someone with good control of tone and emotion, “bathroom singer” or not.
5. Jana Ann Neo
Instagram: @janaannnn
Young and fresh on the scene, but quickly becoming well-known and welcome, Jana Ann’s music and voice has touched many. Something of Jana’s music speaks of a quiet courage and innocence, and paired with a sweet-sounding voice, Jana is indeed an artist to turn to for good music.
6. Sellek Teng
Instagram: @sellekelles
Sellek’s voice is smooth and charismatic, and flows well with his song choices and style on music page. Watch him sing his rendition of Justin Bieber’s hit “Love Yourself” amongst many other videos and follow, keep tabs like the team at SHOUT will do.
7. Charlene Su
Instagram: @chrlnsu
Being the 1st runner up on this year’s “The Final One”, Charlene definitely knows a thing or two about performing and displaying passion and art of voice. It is no wonder she has gotten as far as she has with a rich and powerful voice, and is for sure a promising artist to follow and look out for.

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