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$0.50 Beer Delivered To Your Doorstep?!

The bars and restaurants may be closed but that doesn’t mean you and one other friend can’t live every weekend to the fullest! Indulge in these affordable and convenient alcohol delivery services – some of which operate long after 10:30pm!


Ever since Covid-19 started, I’ve developed a newfound love for FoodPanda, specifically its PandaMart service. Delivering everything and anything you could imagine from hygiene products, to snacks, electronics, groceries, and alcohol, PandaMart is my personal go-to source of midnight enjoyment. Get a pack of six 320ml Carlsberg Danish Pilsner Beer cans for a mere $14.90, or 10 cans of 320ml Tiger Lager Beer cans for $19.90, and six cans of 350ml Asahi Super Dry Beer for as little as $17.90!

Delivering and accepting orders way past 10:30pm, PandaMart specially curates each list to your convenience based on location – that means, deals may vary depending on where you are!



Delivery Hours: 24/7

Delivery Fee: Varies according to the location of the store



When the PandaMart app is down, GrabMart works just as good. Showcasing a multitude of alcohol delivery services all-in-one app, GrabMart specially curates each list to your convenience based on location, to ensure all drinks reach you in the fastest time possible.

Complete with unimaginably affordable daily offers, lucky customers can find drinks as cheap as $0.50 per bottle, or $19.90 for a pack of 10 cans! The best part is, like PandaMart, GrabMart will deliver to any location, including public spaces away from your home!



Delivery Hours: 24/7

Delivery Fee: Varies according to the location of the store


3. Drinq

Offering everything from flavoured soju, to Roku Gin, Glenfiddich, Jägermeister, Monkey Shoulder, Jameson, Dewar’s, Lucifer’s, and Captain Morgan, amongst innumerable other alcoholic beverages and mixers, Drinq ensures you never have to settle for second best!

Get any soju of your choosing for a mere $8.50, Hendricks Gin for as little as $69, a range of mixers worth $1.50 each, Jägermeister for $46, and a bottle of Martell VSOP Red Barrel for $98 when you order delivery through Drinq from Tuesday to Sunday! Interested drinkers do note that this platform does not accept cash, and instead expects all payments to be made through PayNow.



Operating Hours: (Tues-Thurs, Sun): 7pm-3am, (Fri-Sat): 6pm-6am


4. Alcohaul SG

Branding themselves as the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to order alcohol, Alcohaul SG is an online portal backed by a collective of companies with a goal to provide convenient services and the best prices to a new generation of consumers! Bringing you on-demand wine, beer, whisky, and spirits through a ‘hassle-free and insanely easy’ platform, Alcohaul SG delivers all orders directly to your doorstep.

Get craft beer for as low as $26.50, red wine for as low as $19.90, and four bottles of Korean ONESHOT soju for a mere $32. Complete with highly compatible delivery fees, customers can opt for same delivery worth $5, free next day delivery, or express 2-hour delivery for $19.90!


Alcohaul SG

Tel: +65 6240 6822

Operating Hours: 12pm-10:30pm, daily

Delivery Fee: $5-$19.90

Website | Instagram

5. Getit by Changi Recommends

If you live in the East and miss the convenience of Duty Free dearly, for Getit by Changi Recommends is an e-commerce site bringing you exclusive offers and deals for categories ranging from Beauty, Alcohol/Liquor, Electronics and others, alongside efficient next-day, same-day and 2 hour express local delivery! Regularly offering all your favourite beverages at discounted rates, Getit by Changi Recommends is currently promising 9% off all beers, champagne, cognac, gin, Korean liquor, Japanese liquor, rum, sake, whiskey, wine, and vodka, in bundles or a la carte, with no minimum spend, plus free next-day delivery, and same-day deliveries for as low as $9.90! Alternatively, customers can opt to receive their orders within 2 hours for a mere $18!


Getit by Changi Recommends


6. Mabuk Monkey

For those who haven’t figured it out yet, ‘mabuk’ or ‘mabok’ is the Indonesian term for drunk – an apt name for a service that is bound to get you high as a kite. Offering one hour delivery options, super-fast door-to-door delivery, and a large variety of drinks, Mabuk Monkey prides itself on providing competitive prices for its efficient services. Plus, with Mabuk Monkey, you get free delivery for all orders above $50! To order, simply Whatsapp or call +65 62941714.


Mabuk Monkey

Operating Hours: (Tues-Sun): 6pm-12am

Tel: +65 62941714


7. FastFastMabok

Like its name suggests, FastFastMabok is the go-to delivery service for those nights you just want to get drunk quick. Similar to the vast variety of other services available, FastFastMabok offers a diverse range of whiskeys, sojus, gins, vodka, and flavoured tequila. The cheapest drinks on their extensive menu go as low as $35-$45 and include brands such as, Jim Beam, Smirnoff, Teachers, Absolut Blue, Jägermeister, Captain Morgan, Dewar’s, Bacardi White, Jose Tequila, Gordon Gin, and Famous Grouse. Charging an additional $10 for delivery fees, FastFastMabok’s most expensive offering is the Balvenie 12 years doublewood worth $96.

This service promises one hour delivery till as late as 6am. To order simply Whatsapp your order to +65 92340711 or direct message FastFastMabok on Instagram.



Tel: +65 92340711


8. Paneco

Regarded not only as one of the largest online alcohol retailers in the world, but also the fastest growing brand in the world, Paneco’s localised sites, tailors each selection to the tastes of each country in order to better adapt to their preferences. Offering a variety of spirits, wine, and beer, alongside other non-alcoholic items such as coffee and water, Paneco invites customers to indulge in premium wine for as little as $23.65, plus bottled beers starting at $26.95. Other offerings include Jack Daniels worth $77.50, Grey Goose worth $79.80, Teachers worth $59.80, Absolut Blue worth $46.80, and Baileys Salted Caramel worth $42.

Beyond its diverse offering, Paneco is most notably known for its free one-day delivery services for all orders made before 4pm. Customers should note that all subsequent orders will be delivered on the following day. Customers ordering wine will require a minimum purchase of $80 to qualify for free delivery, which will otherwise cost an additional $8. For those ordering any spirits and/or beer, delivery is FREE with no minimum cart value. Paneco’s delivery hours are between 12:00pm to 10:00pm, seven days a week.



Delivery Fee: $8


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