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If you’re fond of crossing the border to shop for luxury goods at Johor Premium Outlets, you might want to take note of what we’re about to share with you. Located about 30 minutes away from the border, you’re familiar with the popular Johor Premium Outlets, known for offering a wide selection of luxury and designer brands, all at amazing slashed prices of up to 80% off. 

While most people head to the outlets in person to see what’s new, it got us thinking—how great would it be if we could get live updates from our favourite stores whenever new items come in? Turns out, there is! We recently discovered a shopping “hack” on Telegram, where you can find some of your favourite luxury brands having their own Telegram channel, each managed by the store itself or their Sales Associate (SA).

Using the brand’s own Telegram channel to shop makes things so much easier as you can:

  • Get regular updates on prices, new arrivals, sale items, promotions, or sizes every other day or week
  • Browse the items you want and contact the SA directly to reserve them for when you want to head down
  • Some stores even allow for delivery right to your doorstep

We managed to find 10 of such Telegram channels for you to subscribe to, but remember: fastest fingers first! These are the brands available and their respective Telegram channel links: 

1. Burberry

Burberry is currently offering up to 75% off selected items: from clothes, outerwear, accessories, bags and shoes. 

Mini Logo Canvas & Leather Pocket Bag, RM4140 (UP. RM6900)

Monogram Furley Slides, RM 1580 (UP. RM 2250)

Louis Crossbody Bag, RM 4130 (UP. RM 5900)

Hackberry Horseferry Bag, RM 3850 (UP. RM 5500)

Monogram Stripe Portrait Tote Bag, RM2950 (UP. RM5900)


For enquiries, contact Jess via WhatsApp here

Join Burberry’s Telegram channel here


Location: Suite 628


2. Fendi

There’s something for both men and women at the Fendi store: from t-shirts, small leather goods, bags, accessories and more. You’ll even be able to snag pieces from the Versace x Fendi collaboration collection!

O’Clock Swing Zipped Shoulder Bag, RM7630 (UP. RM10900)

Versace x Fendi Fendace Logo T-Shirt, RM1890 (UP. RM3150)

Mon Tresor, RM4750 (UP. RM7900)

Logo Patch Baseball Cap, RM1290 (UP. RM2150)

F is Fendi Crystal Bracelet, RM1475 (UP. RM2959)


For enquiries, contact Gloria via WhatsApp here

Join Fendi’s Telegram channel here


Location: Suite 708


3. Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta’s JB outlet store carries a range of ready-to-wear items for both men and women, plus a range of some of the brand’s most iconic bags. Sizes for clothes and colours for bags are limited, so you’re encouraged to order/reserve via their SA. 

The Clip Shoulder Bag, RM8960 (UP. RM12790)

The Twist Leather Clutch Bag, RM3620 (UP. RM5170)

Intrecciato Leather Wallet, RM1490 (UP. RM2120)

Rubber Lido, RM1860 (after discount)

Doll Tote Bag, RM7870 (UP. RM11230)


For enquiries, contact Izu via WhatsApp here

Join Bottega Veneta’s Telegram channel here


Location: Suite 600


4. Kenzo

Find apparel, footwear and accessories in Kenzo’s classic motifs and prints featuring the iconic Takada image, tiger, paisley and more. Sizes for clothes and shoes are also limited.

K-Tiger Ladies Sweater, RM1110 (UP. RM1850)

Tiger Ladies Espadrille, RM840 (UP. RM1200)

Words Leather Trim Bucket Bag, RM750 (UP. RM 1500)

K-Tiger Phone Case, RM315 (UP. RM630)

Logo Jacquard Skirt, RM864 (UP. RM1440) 


For enquiries, contact Kenzo’s store via WhatsApp here

Join Kenzo’s Telegram channel here


Location: Suite 618


5. Coach

Enjoy a limited-time sale of up to 35%+20%+5% off storewide at Coach, featuring apparel, accessories, bags, small leather goods and many more! Coach also offers complimentary lifetime polishing services and a one-month warranty on leather goods (except shoes). 

Women’s Udele Slide, RM260 (UP. RM550)

Chambray Morgan Top Handle, RM1418 (UP. RM3000)

Nolita Shoulder Bag, RM561 (UP. RM1150)

Morgan Wallet, RM543 (UP. RM1150)

W Demsey Wallet, RM520 ( UP. RM 1100)


For enquiries, contact Coach’s various SAs here

Join Coach’s Telegram channel here


Location: Suite 338


6. Balenciaga

Shop Balenciaga’s iconic styles of apparel, shoes and bags, including popular pieces like the Hourglass bag, Neo handbags and more.

Ville Top Handle XXS, RM4843 (UP. RM7950)

Baseball Cap with Logo, RM1138 (UP. RM1750)

Hourglass Mini Bag with Chain, RM4000 (UP. RM6100)

Allover Logo Triple S Sneakers, RM3055 (UP. RM4700)

Hourglass Top Handle S, RM6950 (UP. RM10700)


For enquiries, contact Joseph via WhatsApp here.

Join Balenciaga’s Telegram channel here.  


Location: Suite 704


7. Gucci

Find coveted Gucci classics like the Dionysius, Jackie, Marmot and more, as well as collaboration items with The North Face, Re-edition pieces, accessories, shoes, apparel and many more.

Dionysius Small GG Shoulder Bag, RM8270 (after discount)

GG Tote, RM4370 (after discount)

Tennis 1977 Sneaker, RM2570 (after discount)

GG Supreme Slide Sandal, RM1640 (after discount)

The North Face x Gucci Backpack, RM5970 (after discount)


For enquiries, contact Nadiah via WhatsApp here

Join Gucci’s Telegram channel here


Location: Suite 700


8. Longchamp

Aside from Longchamp’s classic Le Pliage foldable nylon bags in a plethora of colours, you can also shop the bags in various textures and materials too, along with accessories and apparel. 

Le Pliage Classic, RM535.50 (UP. RM765)

Le Pliage Club, RM479.50 (UP. RM685)

Le Pliage Cuir Croco, RM1247.50 (UP. RM2495)

Longchamp x Andre T-Shirt, RM286 (UP. RM715)

Le Pliage Panthere, RM600 (UP. RM1000)


For enquiries, contact Arinn via Telegram here.

Join Longchamp’s Telegram channel here


Location: Suite 222


9. Versace

Enjoy up to an additional 20% off sale items till 14th May 2023 at Versace, including bags, accessories, clothes, footwear and more. 

Medusa T-Shirt, RM3200 (UP. RM4850)

Leather Trainers, RM1720 (after discount)

Ladies Leather Pumps, RM1600 (after discount)

Medusa Logo Belt, RM920 (after discount)

Medusa Medallion Card Holder, RM640 (after discount)


For enquiries, contact Moko via WhatsApp here.

Join Versace’s Telegram channel here


Location: Suite 701


10. Valentino

Valentino’s distinctive style and prints are displayed in both mens and womens items like bags, ready-to-wear apparel, and footwear. 

VLTN Men Sneakers, RM2268 (UP. RM4600)

Rockstud Ballerina Strap, RM2380 (UP. RM4020)

Stud Sign Hobo Bag, RM8385 (UP. 12900)

Roman Stud PVC Sandal,  RM1946 (UP. RM2780)

Rockstud Patent Pump, RM2457 (UP. RM3780)


For enquiries, contact Ibrahim via WhatsApp here

Join Valentino’s Telegram channel here


Location: Suite 710


Johor Premium Outlets

Address: Jalan Premium Outlets, Bandar Indahpura, 81000 Kulai, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours: 10am-10pm daily