13 CNY Warehouse Sales To Stock Up On Snacks, Bak Kwa, And Fresh Seafood For CNY 2019

All your favourite CNY goodies on discount

There are only 2 weeks left to Chinese New Year – instead of heading to your nearest supermarket to stock up on all the usual snacks and reunion dinner necessities, do yourself a favour and make a beeline to these warehouse sales for crazy discounts on all kinds of CNY goodies!
From premium seafood to bak kwa and packet drinks, you can now cut your ang pow losses by saving on groceries:

1. Far Ocean CNY Warehouse Sales 2019

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (17)

If you’re looking for fresh, high-quality seafood at discounted wholesale prices, Far Ocean is a global seafood company that specialises in harvesting wild-caught, sashimi-grade fishes and its annual Far Ocean CNY Warehouse Sales is back again.

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (3)
Source: Far Ocean

Boasting up to a whopping 70% off steamboat and reunion dinner essentials, their sale includes a ‘Mix & Match’ promotion on selected items, whereby shoppers can purchase 1 product for just $15, 2 products for $12 each, 3 products for $10 each, and 10 products for $10 with 1 extra FOC.

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (29)
They have CNY snacks for sale too! Source: Far Ocean

Some of the premium items to look out for are the black tiger prawn ($20 for 1kg), Hokkaido scallop ($20 for 1kg), half-shell abalone ($20 for 5 pieces), and Kurobuta pork belly ($15 for 300g)!
Address: Far Ocean, 15 Fishery Port Road, Singapore 619735
Date & Time: 19th – 22nd January, 26th – 27th January, 2nd – 3rd February | 9AM – 5PM

2. HOSEN Annual Warehouse Sale 2019

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (21)
HOSEN Singapore

Abalones are a must for every steamboat and pen cai dish, and westies can now get the popular Fortune brand abalones and many more canned goods at a steal at the HOSEN Annual Warehouse Sale 2019!

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (6)

These include seafood such as sea asparagus, dried scallops, and top shell, as well as staples like button mushrooms and crunchy canned fruits that are perfect as a dessert after a hearty meal.

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (32)
SG Warehouse Sales & Events and Great Deals Singapore

Other items on sale include sauces like maple syrup, Hershey’s crowd-favourite dessert drizzles, and even tidbits like salted egg fish skin, so make sure to take your time while browsing!
Address: 267 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128439
Date & Time: 9th January – 1st February | Mon – Fri: 9AM – 6PM, Sat & Sun: 8AM – 6PM

3. Wing Huat Loong CNY Warehouse Sale

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (16)
Wing Huat Loong 永發隆

Boasting an assortment of indulgent Chinese delicacies for sale that include scallops, sea cucumber, fish maw, ginseng, bird’s nest, and cordyceps, Wing Huat Loong’s warehouse sale is perfect for those who are intending to whip up a storm this CNY.

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (10)
Wing Huat Loong 永發隆‎

Here, you can get your hands on both dried Chinese and Japanese scallops and a range of high-quality abalones that hail from Australia, Mexico, and South Africa! Here’s a tip for abalone shopping – Australian ones taste the sweetest, Mexican ones are the softest, and South African ones are most fragrant.  

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (19)
 Wing Huat Loong 永發隆‎

Refer here to find out what other products they have on offer!
Address: Wing Huat Loong 永發隆, 249 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128430
Date & Time: 12th January – 1st February | Mon – Fri: 8.30 AM – 5PM, Sat & Sun: 8.30AM – 3PM

4. NTUC Warehouse Club Open House

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (31)
Great Deals Singapore

Home to over 5000 different products, the membership-only NTUC Warehouse Club is now open to the public for free so that we can get our CNY grocery shopping done! It’s basically your neighbourhood NTUC on steroids, and you can get everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to seafood, meat, snacks, and drinks at this massive supermarket.

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (1)

While all of the product prices are usually already lower than what’s available elsewhere thanks to its bulk-buying practices, this festive season will see special discounts too, like a 24-can carton of Coca-Cola going for just $9.90, 15 bottles of BRAND’s Essence of Chicken going for less than $30, and 1-for-1 bottles of wine.

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (4)
NTUC Warehouse Club

Shoppers can also sign up to become a Warehouse Club member at exclusive rates of $10 for existing NTUC and FairPrice members and $20 for non-members, and you’ll receive a $5 discount voucher on top of that!
Address: 1 Joo Koon Cir, FairPrice Hub Level 3, Singapore 629117
Date & Time: 16th January – 4th February | 9AM – 10PM Daily

5. Song Fish Dealer Warehouse Sale

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (15)
SG Warehouse Sales & Events

As one of the leading suppliers of frozen seafood and poultry in Singapore to hotel chains and fine-dining restaurants, Song Fish Dealer Warehouse Sale is where you can get premium ingredients for your CNY feast.

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (5)

It’s also a one-stop shop with an impressive selection to shop from – there are fresh fishes like sashimi-grade salmon and plump grey prawns, frozen cooked items such as Japanese scallops, Boston lobster, clams, and abalone, steamboat items like snow crab legs, lobster balls, and fish dumplings, and traditional Chinese desserts like yam paste!

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (30)
Some of the items on sale. Source:
Song Fish Dealer

Try to head down during the weekends if possible because there will be random 1-hour long ‘lelong’ sales, so if you’re lucky you just might be able to get extra discounts.
Address: 19 Fishery Port Rd, Singapore 619736
Date & Time: 12th January – 3rd February | 8AM – 5.30PM

6. Seng Hong Chinese New Year Sale

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (23)
Source: Seng Hong

Conveniently located in Clarke Quay, Seng Hong’s Chinese New Year Sale might be held in a smaller shop than the rest on this list, but its offers are no less attractive. Featuring an extensive selection of dried goods, canned food, and snacks, pop by after work to snag a can of 8 Australian abalones for just $42.50, or 8 bottles of Kinohimitsu Bird Nest with Chia Seed for $15.80 (U.P. $39.90) – that’s less than $2 a bottle.

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (25)
Source: Seng Hong

Added perks include a free Hai Di Lao hotpot gift box with every minimum spend of $150 too!
Address: 8 Hongkong Street, Singapore 059651
Date & Time: 4th – 31st January | 10AM – 6PM Daily

7. Fragrance Factory Sale

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (12)
Last year’s CNY factory sale. Source:
Fragrance Bak Kwa

It’s not CNY without the iconic barbecued pork jerky, and Fragrance’s annual factory sale is currently in full swing till Chinese New Year’s Eve – say goodbye to bak kwa at cut-throat prices!

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (22)

There’s more to the sale than just Fragrance’s signature bak kwas as well, with assorted pork flosses, pineapple tarts, shrimp rolls, cookies, salted egg yolk snacks, and jellies on offer too.

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (33)
Fragrance Bak Kwa

Some of these deals include Fragrance’s Salted Egg Fish Skin at 4 for $20 (U.P. $6.80/packet), 1-for-1 Prawn Roll (U.P $23.60) and Pineapple Tarts (U.P. $16), and 2 containers of Almond and Bangkit Cookies for just $14.
Note: The price of the bak kwa will differ throughout the entire festive season.
Address: 60 Woodlands Terrace, Woodlands East Industrial Estate, Singapore 738466
Date & Time: Until 3rd February: 9AM – 8.30PM | 4th February: 9AM – 3PM

8. Bee Cheng Hiang Factory Sale

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (8)
Bee Cheng Hiang‎

For those of you whose go-to CNY snack store is Bee Cheng Hiang, the Bee Cheng Hiang Factory Sale is currently ongoing at Jurong with all their signature CNY goodies at slashed prices! Think savoury Prawn Rolls, crispy Love Letters with Pork Floss, fluffy Durian Egg Rolls, and their original Pineapple Crispy bites.

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (14)
Bee Cheng Hiang

Address: 71 Quality Road Singapore 618823
Date & Time: 18th January – 3rd February | 10AM – 8PM Daily

9. Camel CNY Festive Sale

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (18)
Camel Nuts

For those of you who are nuts about nuts, go forth and shop to your heart’s content at Camel’s CNY Festive Sale. Besides specially-prepared festive exclusive nut sets, some of their best-sellers like Roasted Cashews, Natural Cocktail Mix, and Natural Pistachios will be up for grabs too.

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (2)

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (28)
Camel Nuts

Address: 127 Defu Lane 10, Singapore 539234
Date & Time: 10th January – 3rd February | 9AM – 5PM Daily

10. Tong Garden CNY Warehouse Sale

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (7)

Another nut haven for those who can’t stop snacking on these guilt-free treats, Tong Garden’s CNY Warehouse Sale is where shoppers can fill their cart with discounted packets of macadamias, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, and more.
Known for only serving natural ingredients without any added flavouring, head here if you wish to snack away this festive season yet still stick to your New Year’s resolution of eating clean!
Address: 21 Pandan Avenue, #03-08, Singapore 609388
Date & Time: 11th – 31st January | 9AM – 5PM Daily

11. Tai Sun Warehouse Sale

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (9)
SG Warehouse Sales & Events

A well-known brand that you’ll definitely spot in most households whenever CNY rolls around, go straight to Tai Sun’s warehouse sale for not just their home brand of nuts and tidbits, but also a large array of other brands and snacks to boot!

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (13)
CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (27)
SG Warehouse Sales & Events

We won’t be surprised if you go a little crazy in there – they have Crusty’s Mala, Truffle, and Salted Egg Fish Skin for less than $8 each (U.P. $8.50), old-school NOYA’s Love Letters, Kueh Bangkit, and Pineapple Tarts at around $6 – $10 each (U.P. $11 – $12), and Nature’s Wonder Baked Almonds for just $9.80 per packet (U.P. $10.80).
Address: 255 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128433
Date & Time: Until 3rd February | 9.30AM – 5.30PM

12. Melvados CNY Factory Sale

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (24)

For those of you sweet-toothed folks, gourmet cake brand Melvados is also holding a CNY Factory Sale and they’ll be serving up their signature cakes, cookies, ice creams at 5% off storewide.

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (11)

A great alternative if you’re bored of the usual CNY snacks, some of the more interesting cake flavours include Apple Crumble, Cheesy Brownie, and Mao Shan Wang, and they have eggless Black Sesame and Earl Grey cookies on offer too.

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (26)

The best part about Melvados’ sale? You can sample the food for free before making your purchase!
Address: 26 Woodlands Terrace Singapore 738449
Date & Time: 26th & 27th January: 10AM – 3PM | 28th January – 1st February: 10AM – 4PM | 2nd & 3rd February: 10AM – 3PM | 4th February: 10AM – 1PM

13. CNY Warehouse Wine Sale

CNY Warehouse sales 2019 (20)
The Wine & Gourmet Friends‎

Wine lovers, this one’s for you – The Wine & Gourmet Friends is organising a CNY Warehouse Wine Sale this festive season and they’re offering 25% off more than 100 labels from over 10 countries.
Any purchase above $200 entitles you to free delivery islandwide, and additional discounts of 10%, 15%, and 20% off your total bill are available if you purchase 6, 12, or 24 bottles respectively. As an added bonus, shoppers get to sample over 40 different wines from exclusive wineries all over the world while you’re there. Bottoms up!
Address: 48 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089859
Date & Time: 26th January: 12PM – 6PM | 27th January: 12PM – 9PM

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