5 Bangkok Street Food Recommended by Locals That You Should Try
Singaporeans often travel to Bangkok in search of authentic fare – but often times this fare consists of the conventional and stereotypical Thai cuisines such as the likes of Pad Thai or Mango Sticky Rice. This time, SHOUT proposes a starkly different yet authentic fare that, one the one hand, most people might not be used to, but on the significant other, hold the bona fide tastes of the locals in their land of smiles.
1. Yen Ta Fo (Pink Noodles) เย็นตาโฟ
Distinctively pink in colour from the fermented soybean paste added specifically to this dish, Thailand’s Yen Ta Fo makes for an interesting, if not alternative choice to your food hunt. A bowl simply bustling with a myriad tastes, in Shout’s case, an inclusion of includes squid, cuttlefish, fish balls, chopped morning glory, coagulated blood and a finishing topping of parsley. This ensemble is drenched in a light and slightly sweet broth.
2. Curry Seafood Paste With Rice 
This dish recently become widely popular among the locals, with flavours considerably more rich yet authentic, representative of very simple Thai-style preparation, even aesthetic in its presentation. This street dish is barely seen in stalls and is mostly sold on mobile push-carts, and is essentially a big piece of Otak on top of rice except it’s texture is softer than the renowned otak and the staple of rice that we all love. With egg and chilli vinegar sauce optional, the tastes of this dish aim to delight.
3. Stewed Chicken Feet With Noodles 
“You know it’s good when the flesh falls off the bone.” Thailand’s stewed chicken feet accompanied with noodles is tasteful, steamy and most importantly humbling. Reminiscent of a chicken herbal broth in all its sour-bitter yet flavourful glory, this dish is, as one would imagine a local to say, food for the soul.
4. Yum Mama ยำมาม่า
Thailand’s own interesting twist on the regular and well-loved instant noodles, Yum Mama is a concoction of instant noodles normally paired with seafood, chicken and vegetables. Spicy yet tangy, and an in-between moist and dry textures, this dish is remindful of tastes from home.
5. Boat Noodles (Kuay Teow Reua)  ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ
A combination of a Spicy herbal broth brewed with pig’s blood, coupled with meat ingredients such as marinated pork, meatballs, pork lard and the likes, this dish is meant for pork lovers. The broth, a dark brown delectable in taste and texture, makes for a hearty meal.

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