5 Halloween-Themed Snacks That You Can Order Online For The Sickest Halloween Party

Halloween-themed treats to complete your Halloween party

Halloween Snacks (6)Source: History

It’s that exciting time of the year again when horror-themed festivities are happening all around the world – Halloween! If you’re planning to throw your very own scary party, you’re going to need some special Halloween-themed snacks to go with your costume and decorations – here’s where to get some conveniently with just a click of the mouse:

1. Chupa Chups Mini Skull Lollipops

Halloween Snacks (1)Source: RedMart

Add on to your party’s decor with Chupa Chups’ limited edition Skull Lollipop display box! A sight to behold thanks to its unique design and striking colours, it almost resembles a bloodied skull with a green zombie brain.

Halloween Snacks (4)Source: @chupachupsczsk

Sticking true to the theme inside and out, reach into the skull and you’ll find strawberry lime lollipops that are shaped just like this skull too!
The display box and lollipops are currently available on RedMart at $9.90 for 150g – get yours here!

2. Glow in the dark wrappers: KitKat and Hershey’s   

Halloween Snacks (8)Source: Target

If your Halloween party’s going to be held at night, make sure to get your hands on these special Halloween KitKat and Hershey’s. Their wrappers glow in the dark, appearing as though they’re magical concoctions that came straight from a witch’s cauldron!

Halloween Snacks (10)Source: Target

For maximum glowy-effect, place them under a light source before your party starts to “charge” them!

Halloween Snacks (3)Source: Target

Purchase these eye-catching babies for $9.95 from Cold Storage here and here!

3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Pumpkins

Halloween Snacks (2)Source: Target

Want to add pumpkins to your party but not sure what to do with them afterwards? Not to worry – just get these bite-sized “pumpkins” from Reese’s instead!

Halloween Snacks (9)Source: Target

Available for $9.95 on Cold Storage here, they make for great dessert toppings too!

4. Let’s Party! zombie-shaped rice crackers

Halloween Snacks (12)Source: RedMart, RedMart, RedMart

Fans of The Walking Dead, chomp on “zombies” with these deliciously-flavoured rice crackers! Imported straight from Japan and available on RedMart only for a limited time period, flavours include Salt & Seaweed, Yakiniku BBQ, and Consomme. You can take your pick from colours like red, blue, and green too!

5. Nasty Cookie Halloween Special

Halloween Snacks (7)The Skull with a peanut butter Butterfinger candy. Source: Nasty Cookie

Bite into these massive New York-style cookies by Nasty Cookie and watch as thick, gooey “blood” ooze out through the cracks! Weighing a whopping 85g each – that’s almost twice as large as Subway’s – these dark chocolate chip cookies are actually filled with delightfully sweet marshmallow fillings that are dyed red.

Halloween Snacks (11)Bloody Teeth with teeth gummies. Source: Nasty Cookie

Halloween Snacks (5)Skeleton Bones with bone gummies. Source: Nasty Cookie

There are 4 designs available in this Halloween Special series ($5.90 per cookie) and are all of limited quantity, so make sure to order them here fast!

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