5 Things You Need to Know About the Newest Digital Telco – Circles.Life

A new digital telco called Circles.Life has entered the market and it is looking to innovate how mobile services are built, offering a mobile plan that is fully customisable through an app. Circles.Life wants to bring back the focus to the individual by delivering a customisable data-focused mobile plan that evolves with the consumer needs (rather than what the telco has to offer). 
1. Monthly Base Plan Pricing
It is contract free and it is not bundled to a device. There is no lock-in period and customers pay monthly without being tied to a device.
2. Boost – Customise Your Data Plan
The current industry players offer fixed data bundles and users have no way of customising a data plan that may suit one’s needs and lifestyle. Circles.Life aims to assure customers that they need not worry about data limits, paying excess or overspending on data. The app will prompt the user should the data usage approaches the data limit and users can boost their data at 100 MB for $1, 250 MB for $2 and 500 MB for $3.50.
Boost23. Bonus Data
Bonus data may be given free to reward customer loyalty for being on the network or through customer referrals.
4. Unlimited WhatsApp
Circles.Life offers an unlimited WhatsApp service. Sending of photos, videos and voice calls through the app does not take away from the customers’ data allocation and the monthly data limit is untouched.
5. Digital Customer Experience
Instead of waiting to speak to an operator, Circles.Life offers a fully digital customer experience. Circles.Life experts are available anytime on the web or on-the-go on mobile live chat.
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