6 Weirdest Travel Emergencies You Didn’t Know You Need To Prepare For

Bizarre travel disasters that happen during a holiday
Whenever we’re on a holiday, it’s pretty common for travelling mishaps to happen. But apart from the usual misplacing of valuables, there are bizarre misfortunes that can befall you at times. From a freak snowstorm in a tropical country, to getting your bag thrown off a cliff by a mischievous temple monkey – here are 6 of the weirdest travel disasters that have happened and can happen to you too when you’re overseas:
1. A freak snowfall in a tropical country

PolicyPal 5Snow in the Sahara Desert. Source: The Telegraph

When we’re travelling to a tropical country, the last thing we’d pack is our winter gear – but lo and behold, snow fell on the French island of Guadeloupe in March 2016, and bemused tourists in the Caribbean were left shivering.
While they were lucky that the snow melted away within the same day, there’s no guarantee that everybody will be just as lucky each time. With snow falling even in the Sahara Desert these days, it’s best to be prepared with a contingency plan at hand – winter is coming.
2. A house fire back in sunny ol’ Singapore

PolicyPal 1That’s you trying to convince your family that house fires are very real. Source: GIPHY

Imagine getting a phone call from your neighbour while overseas, saying that your house caught fire. We’ve probably all scoffed at how ridiculous it sounds, but with over 180,000 calls related to fire incidents made to the Singapore Civil Defence Force last year, that electrical switch that you left on before heading to the airport now seems like a dangerous fire hazard. Yikes.
3. An emergency plane landing from a bird strike

PolicyPal 3Source: Business Insider

Unbeknownst to many, birds can cause your plane to make an emergency landing. And as unbelievable as it sounds, these ‘bird strikes’ are not rare at all.
They happen at least once a year, and while they usually don’t pose any significant danger to the plane itself, the pilot will almost always make an emergency landing to ensure that the plane is damage-free. Much to the chagrin of the passengers aboard, this means a delayed flight, and in turn, delayed travel plans.

4. A jellyfish sting at the beach

PolicyPal 2That infamous jellyfish sting in Friends is very real. Source: GIPHY

Behind the glass of the aquarium, jellyfishes may seem quite pleasant, unassuming, and peaceful creatures however a jellyfish’s sting can pack a punch. Tread carefully when you’re at a beach overseas, because their tentacles can sting you, even when it’s detached, or when it is dead.
They’re poisonous and painful, and some are even life-threatening, like the ones by a box jellyfish – between 20 – 40 people die from it each year in the Philippines alone.

5. The unexpected bankruptcy of your travel agency

PolicyPal 6Source:

It’s not every day that a travel agency closes down and files for bankruptcy. But sometimes it does, as do airlines, hotels, and restaurants, which instantly turns your trip into a disaster – especially if you’ve got no insurance to cover for the unexpected cancellation of plans.
Case in point: Konsortium, a travel agency that specialised in coach trips to Malaysia, closed last year, and package holders who didn’t have insurance had to deal with the hassle of approaching the Small Case Tribunal for money claims.
6. Losing your valuables to a monkey

PolicyPal 1A monkey at Uluwatu Temple making off with a bottle of Pepsi. Source: @jhokystevanus

If you’ve interacted with monkeys before, you’ll know that these intelligent and nimble critters are capable of snitching your valuables.
In fact, the brilliant monkeys at Bali’s Uluwatu Temple figured out that if they steal from tourists, they can demand to be given food in exchange for the return of those items!
But if you’re less lucky, the furry pickpocket might just make off with your valuables instead, or even throw them off a cliff on a whim.
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