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1. Barbie

Image Credits: Crocs

There have been countless Barbie collaborations released so far, all leading up to the premiere of the highly-anticipated movie, but one of the most exciting of them all might just be the limited-edition Barbie x Crocs collection. In true Barbie fashion, the collection comes in hues of hot pink, along with the iconic Barbie motif. The Clog collection has 2 footwear styles: the Barbie Classic Clog ($79.95) and the Barbie Crush Clog ($109.95).

Barbie Classic Clog, $79.95

Barbie Crush Clog, $109.95

The former is an all-pink and white design with the Barbie motif, while the latter is bolder with black, silver and a brilliant chunky heel. Both shoes also come with their own fixed set of Barbie Jibbitz charms already attached, so you won’t have to worry about decorating them. The Barbie collection is selling fast, and you can check out the full collection here.


2. MCM

Image Credit: MCM

After the success of their first collaboration collection back in June 2022, the German fashion house has teamed up with Crocs to release a second collection: the MCM x Crocs 2.0! This time, the classic Crocs clogs have been outfitted with miniature versions of MCM’s iconic Fursten belt bag, a tiny monogrammed pouch that is interchangeable and can be worn as a bracelet as well.

MCM x Crocs Classic Clog (Lime Green), $550

MCM x Crocs Classic Clog (Khaki and Black), $550

The collection comes in 2 colourways: a vibrant white and acid Lime Green ($550) or a more neutral and wearable Khaki and Black ($550). Both styles come with a unique cushion padding at the heel, as well as exclusive Jibbitz charms included. The MCM x Crocs collection is exclusively available on the MCM website, and you can check them out here


3. Salehe Bembury

IG: @salehebembury

The celebrated footwear designer, Salehe Bembury is releasing a new colourway of his popular Crocs Pollex Clog, after the previous Tide and Kuwata colours were sold out in Singapore. The new colour is called Niagara, and is inspired by the grey hues of the Niagara Falls. Unlike Crocs’ usual clog design, the Pollex reimagines the iconic clog, with Salehe’s signature fingerprint-esque ridges all along the shoe, as well as a fabric strap.

IG: @salehebembury

The Crocs Pollex Clog in Niagara is expected to retail for $85 USD (~$112 SGD) and will be first released on 20th July 2023 via the beaspunge site, with a release on the Crocs website at a later date. Following previous Pollux drops in Singapore, it’s likely that they’ll be sold via random draws to ensure a fair chance for everyone. You can get the latest updates and draw information for the upcoming Pollex Clog here


4. Siren High Heels

Image Credit: Crocs

The Classic Clog gets an ultra high upgrade in the Siren Clog, Croc’s take on a true high heel, with a 9.2cm heel height. This is one of Crocs’ tallest clogs to date, higher than the Classic Platform Clog or Mega Crush series. With the Siren, you can party all night in both comfort and style.

Siren Clog (Bone), $99.95

Siren Chain Clog (Dark Cherry), $109.95

The Siren Clog ($99.95) comes in 3 colourways: Black, Bone and Hyper Pink, and you can jazz them with Jibbitz of your choice. For a more edgy design, there’s also the Siren Chain Clog ($109.95) that comes in a Dark Cherry colour and chain embellishments. Check out the Siren collection here.


5. Classic Mega Crush Colour Dip Clog

Image Credit: Crocs

The popular Classic Mega Crush model gets a vibrant colourful makeover with the newest colourway, the Colour Dip. The Mega Crush Clog differs from the other platform models with the addition of sleek line detailing around the outsole.

Classic Mega Crush Colour Dip Clog (Bone/Multi), $129.95

The new Classic Mega Crush Colour Dip Clog ($129.95) features a Bone colour with an ombrè platform in pinkish sunset hues. Other plain Mega Crush Clog (from $95.95) colours include Black, White, Bone, Juice and Moon Jelly. Shop the Classic Mega Crush Colour Dip Clog here


6. Dylan Clog

Image Credit: Crocs

This classy new clog silhouette features mule-like slides with a smooth and minimalist exterior for a casual and sleek vibe. The clog is meant to be worn plain, and comes sans any straps or perforated holes, so you won’t be able to add any Jibbitz to this model.

Dylan Clog (Black), $89.95

Dylan Clog (Cognac), $89.95

The Dylan Clog ($89.95) comes in 4 super wearable colours in total: Black, Stucco, Espresso and Cognac. The rubber material also features a subtle texture to mimic the look of actual full-grain leather. Shop the Dylan Clog here

7. Mellow Recovery Clog

Image Credit: Crocs

Crocs’ Mellow collection is made out of an innovative blend of soft LiteRide foam, for a relaxing and comfortable fit, and a sink-in softness that’ll make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. The clog also features modern and minimalist style for a simple aesthetic, and open paneling for breathability.

Satisfy x Crocs Mellow Recovery Clog (Marble), ~$80 SGD

Mellow Recovery Clog (White), $79.95

Mellow Recovery Clog (Elephant), $79.95

The Mellow Recovery Clog ($79.95) comes in 4 colours: Black, White, Stucco and Elephant. Later this July 2023, there will also be a brand new Mellow colourway in collaboration with Satisfy. The Satisfy x Crocs Mellow comes in a unique marble pattern and is expected to be priced at $60 USD (~$80 SGD). Shop the Mellow collection here.


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