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9PM Kkochi: Korean Street Food Skewers from $1.40

Singapore’s first Korean street food skewer place, 9PM Kkochi, has opened a second outlet.
Located at J-Cube, this new branch offers all the mouthwatering delights 9PM Kkochi is known for: thick juicy meats and bouncy ramyeon noodles!
All skewers are assembled as early as 6am before making it to the grill — this is to ensure the meat stays fresh and new batches are served everyday. 
After which, they’re dipped in the store’s proprietary sauce and cooked on the grill for about three minutes before being torched to a nice burn. 
Fans of Korean food would know that pork and beef are quintessential — especially when it comes to anything grilled or barbequed. You’re in luck because 9PM Kkochi does some pretty damn good beef and pork skewers. Must orders are Pork Belly Zig Zag ($1.60/stick), Beef Belly Zig Zag ($1.80/stick), and Pork Belly with Leek ($1.90/stick). 
From left: Beef Belly Zig Zag, Pork Belly with Leek, Pork Belly Zig Zag
But surprisingly, according to their counter staff, a hot selling item is the Chicken Cheese Ball ($2.90/stick).
Inside, find a generous block of cheese that goes well with the thickness of the ball. It’s also great for messy eaters as it’s easy to eat! If you’d like more flavour, you can always request for more sauce from the counter.
Apart from their protein, 9PM Kkochi is also highly known for their Dry Spicy Ramyeon ($3) and Jjajangmyeon ($3.50), all made in-house. You can order them individually, but we recommend ordering them in a set to make it a meal. Unlike other skewer specialty restaurants that offer just rice, 9PM Kkochi gives you the choice of choosing either Seaweed Rice, Dry Spicy Ramyeon or Jjajangmyeon for your combo. 
Here’s Kkochi Box C: 
From $5.30, you get a variety of skewers such as a Regular Chicken stick, Chicken Ball, Pork Belly Zig Zag, Fried Kimchi Dumpling, kimchi and seaweed dressings and a carb of your choice. Make it a combo at $10.90 and get a cup of Crispy Chicken Skin and drink. 
They also have other Kkochi boxes available starting from $5.30 too! 
The Crispy Chicken Skin is available ala-carte at $3.90. 

Topped with honey mustard
Topped with honey mustard

With seaweed rice — look at how generous the seaweed flakes are!
With seaweed rice — look at how generous the seaweed flakes are!

If you can’t handle spicy food, opt for jjajangmyeon instead. The thick and aromatic sauce is made daily in-house — it’s more savoury than sweet, but we much prefer it savoury. 
With Jjajangmyeon
With Jjajangmyeon

While you’re there, try their Tteokbokki in a Cup ($3.90), also made in-house.
It’s a little spicy, but still manageable. The rice cakes are firm and chewy enough —  worth getting with either of their sets as an extra side. 
While the store may be a takeaway place, seating is available as well. The next time you’re in J-Cube, don’t just brush it aside as another food store in the mall’s basement. Try this Myeongdong-based place for yourself! 
Location: JCube, #B1-K08
Opening hours: 11am-9.30pm 

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