A Guide To Eatbox 2019: The Best Things To Eat, See, And Do

What to expect at Eatbox 2019

Eatbox 2019 (13)

Artbox 2018 was a blast and we’re all antsy with anticipation for the next one coming. Thankfully for us, they’ve organised a food-centric version aptly named Eatbox 2019 that’s happening this weekend and the next at Downtown East, so we went down to get you a first look at the market!

What to eat

Eatbox 2019 (3)
Assorted flavoured doughnuts from O’Briam ($5 – $6)

It’s not a street food market without the usual crowd-favourites like Beef Bro, KECha, and Broti. Now’s your chance to indulge in these sinfully delicious chow all in one place before they disperse again till another time!

Eatbox 2019 (28)
Beef Cubes With Cheese ($14.90) | Beef Bro

Eatbox 2019 (10)
Thai Iced Tea ($4) and Charcoal Matcha ($4) | Broti

Eatbox 2019 (12)
Dairy-free Coconut Soft Serve made from 100% fresh Thai coconuts | Coco Loco

Eatbox 2019 (26)
Tunisian Chicken, Beef, and Lamb Kebab (1 for $4, 3 for $10)

Eatbox 2019 (24)
Thai Milk Tea ($4 each) | Cha Yen

On top of these usual suspects, what sets Eatbox apart from the other street markets are the slew of new vendors that you don’t often see in other festivals. These include:

Eatbox 2019 (29)
Iced Caramel Macchiato ($5) | RUMI The Poet’s Cup

RUMI The Poet’s Cup, where decadent drinks like Hazel Malt and Caramel Cream come with a special poem and message written on a scroll.

Eatbox 2019 (9)

Eatbox 2019 (19)
Signature Crackling Roasted Pork Platter ($10) and Sweetheart Char Siew Platter ($9) | Pao’ er

Pao’ er, which specialises in fresh cut platters of roasted pork and char siew made ala their own original recipe.

Eatbox 2019 (20)

Eatbox 2019 (18)
Craft’ Fish ($10) and Chendol ($5) | Craft’ B

Craft’ B, where you can get handmade burgers and patties in unique fusion flavours like Bibimbap Chicken and Tom Yum Prawn, as well as a giant bucket of handcrafted chendol!

Eatbox 2019 (27)
The cookies range from $4.20 – $4.90.

Nasty Cookie and their chunky New York-inspired gourmet cookies with gooey fillings like marshmallow, nutella, peanut butter, and dulce de leche.

Eatbox 2019 (25)
Fresh Lala Soup With Garlic ($8) | Wawa

Wawa with lala noodles soup made from fresh lala that are scooped from a massive tank and made-to-order. You don’t see that often at hipster food markets like this!

Eatbox 2019 (16)

Eatbox 2019 (22)
Laksa ($5)

Singapore Laksa by PGFN, which stands for Pandan Gardens Fishball Noodle, a hawker stall that’s been honing their fishball noodles and laksa recipe for the past 36 years – it’s no wonder their laksa broth was so fragrant and rich.

Eatbox 2019 (2)

Eatbox 2019 (21)
Each bottle costs just $5.50!

Bira 91, Eatbox’s official beer sponsor and flagship Indian craft beer that’s slightly citrusy with a velvety smooth finish.

Eatbox 2019 (17)

What to do

Eatbox 2019 (5)

Relive your childhood with classic arcade games at the tented area! There’s the staple basketball machine, racing cars, Bishi Bashi, and 2 whole rows of claw machines, each stocked with different types of plushies that range from furry huskies for dog lovers to ice gem pouches for the fun-loving souls.

Eatbox 2019 (8)
1 token costs $2, 6 tokens cost $10.

Eatbox 2019 (14)

Here’s a tip – for more fun and games, just pay $15 to enter Bacon Beats. It’s an air-conditioned, neon-lit music paradise and totally worth your money.

Eatbox 2019 (15)

Eatbox 2019 (7)
Filled with all sorts of quirky neon installations and a vintage Kombi van parked for you to snap some gorgeous “been there, done that” proof shots, Bacon Beats is also where more arcade machines await.

Eatbox 2019 (4)

Challenge yourself to some high tech 2-player Atari, old-school Metal Slug and Marvel Vs Capcom, darts, claw catchers, and more!

Eatbox 2019 (23)

Eatbox has also collaborated with EATMEPOPTART to bring us a lineup of some of our hottest local artists, which includes soulful crooner Joie Tan, indie band Subsonic Eye, funky electronica group Riot! In Magenta, and DJ KiDG.

Eatbox 2019 (1)
Check out the rest of the event’s lineup here! Source:

As an added bonus, every ticket to Bacon Beats entitles you to 1 drink coupon and 2 game tries at the exclusive Bacon Beats toy catcher too.

Eatbox 2019 (6)
Each of these capsules contains coupons that can be redeemed for stickers, food, and drinks!

Note: Tickets can be purchased online here or at the door.
Address: Downtown East D’Marquee Open Plaza 1 & 2, 1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore 519599
Date & Time: 11th – 13th & 18th – 20th January 2019 | 3PM – 11PM

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