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An All-New Space Shuttle Cafe Has Landed In The Heart of River Valley

Elaine and Rachel, the duo behind Singapore’s latest coffee-centric café, Shuttl.96, are two of the kindest individuals I’ve ever met. Beyond being extremely hospitable and fun conversationalists, the concept behind their work is truly intriguing and admirable. Based on promoting sustainability and traceability, Shuttl.96 was born out of a love for coffee, and a desire to promote the issue of global warming.

Designed to be a place for convenient takeaway orders, Shuttl.96 aims to fully integrate themselves into the Singapore community – thus their choice of location. Situated in the heart of River Valley’s residential area, Shuttl.96 aims to be a gateway for sustainability education and a safe space for locals to engage with one another, learn of important issues, and seek relaxation after a long day in the sun.

Their logo, a wandering spaceman, was designed in direct response to the world’s increased desire to venture into space. Annoyed by earth’s worsening climate issues, the spaceman boards his shuttle in search of a new home. Through his travels he begins to feel lonely and eventually realizes, there is no place but home on earth. As such, the brand hopes to remind Singaporeans of the importance of preserving our home, and intends to embark on this learning journey as a community.

Owner of Shuttl.96: Elaine

Through my conversations with Rachel, I began to understand Shuttl.96’s challenges and efforts in providing sustainability in an affordable and convenient manner. Perhaps the most heart-warming part of my visit, was realizing how important customer feedback is to the café. Always open to learn and better evolve, Elaine and Rachel prioritise customer satisfaction above all, and are often open to learning more as a business.

Part of their sustainability efforts include providing in-store recycling bins for glass and plastic containers, utilizing paper straws and cups, alongside providing discounts for individuals who bring their own containers and mugs.

(Left to Right): Chrysanthemum with cacao nits, Oolong Osmanthus, and Seasalt Gula Melaka with attap seeds.

Inspired by local themes and flavours, Shuttl.96 provides a variety of drinks, snacks, and ice creams suitable for all ages. Through paying special attention to the concept of ‘refreshment’, the café’s $5.50 ice cream selection include, Chrysanthemum with cacao nits, Oolong Osmanthus, and Seasalt Gula Melaka with attap seeds.

Truly honoured to be given the pleasure of tasting each flavour, I highly recommend the Seasalt Gula Melaka with attap seeds for those who enjoy sweet, refreshing and strong flavours, reminiscent of salted caramel. Complete which chewy attap seeds, I’ve deemed the Seasalt Gula Melaka my absolute favourite.

Similarly, the Chrysanthemum with cacao nits would make an extremely interesting choice for those feeling a little adventurous. Showcasing a harmonious blend of crunchy elements and traditional flavours, the Chrysanthemum ice cream presents a subtle yet equally refreshing piquancy. Last but certainly not least, the Oolong Osmanthus presents strong and accurate flavours, sure to please the crowd.

Supplemented by five blend and single blend alternatives, Shuttl.96 presents a diverse selection of high-grade coffee, packaged simply. As I write this, I’m currently sipping on the café’s five blend iced latte, which consists of premium coffee beans from South and Central America, Ethiopia, Brazil, and Columbia, which are regions renowned for growing the world’s finest beans to produce balanced acidity, natural sweetness, and an aromatic roast profile.

(Left to Right): Cold Brew, Lemon Grass Mint Tea, and Rose Milk Tea

Characterised by rich caramel and chocolatey notes, each beverage is further enhanced by the inclusion of Ethiopian beans which produce natural fruit and berry flavouring with an intense floral aroma. Ultimately each offering is conceptualized based on an original award-winning blend, which is expertly roasted using advanced technology and equipment, to provide a premium coffee aficionado experience, enjoyable in any style.

(Left to Right): Ice Latte, Match Latte, and Chocolate Latte

Of all the drinks sampled today, the most notable include the $6 Chocolate Latte topped by Hershey syrup, the Lemon Grass Mint Tea, Rose Milk Tea, and Cold Brew. Worth $7.50, signature Cold Brew showcases slight hints of bitterness, and pairs perfectly with the café’s chocolate rocks (bread buns). Leaving guests with an overwhelming sense of homeliness, the Cold Brew and chocolate rock combination truly exudes a satisfying feeling, similar to that of comfort food.

Chocolate Rocks

Like a bubble tea without the pearls, the $7 Rose Milk Tea is a subtle yet thirst quenching alternative to the café’s predominantly caffeinated menu. Meanwhile the $7 Lemon Grass Mint Tea is the perfect concoction for those looking for a health-conscious mid-day beverage. I personally enjoyed the Lemon Grass Mint Tea, and it left me feeling warm inside despite being a cold offering, as it reminded me of childhood and how my mother always spoke highly of its health benefits.

Finally I predict that the Chocolate Latte, will be every sugar-enthusiast’s go-to beverage! If you’re anything like me and need overpowering flavours in order to properly enjoy each purchase, Shuttl.96 is highly accommodating and will even tweak the portion of each ingredient to suit your palette. Highly delicious, and extremely filling, the Chocolate Latte has left me eagerly anticipating my next visit.

Complete with a variety of snacks in the form of $4 sausage buns and croissants, Shuttl.96 is highly meticulous in curating their menu and sourcing ingredients. In fact, the café has cycled through a variety of sausage suppliers since its inception in order to find the perfect ingredient to satisfy their customer’s desire for a snappy-sausage sensation.


Address: 22 Havelock Rd, 01-695, Singapore 160022

Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm, daily

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