Baker's Brew Studio – A Cake Cafe and Baking Studio In One Space

Before, Baker’s Brew Studio was just a hidden gem in Sembawang. With the opening of its third outlet in town, getting your much-needed, mid-week sugar rush at this cake cafe cum baking studio has become so much easier.
Baker's Brew Studio
Yes, you heard it right — a baking studio and cafe. Firmly believing that any good cake recipe should be shared, Baker’s Brew Studio provides baking workshops on-site in order to teach others how to replicate any of their cakes. Don’t we all need more of such generosity in this society?
Baker's Brew Studio
Baker’s Brew Studio sets itself apart from other studios by equipping itself with home-based appliances, hence ensuring that any learning gleaned from the classes are directly transferable to what you have to work with at home. Get a sneak peek into their classes if you’re ever lucky enough to drop by while one is ongoing, and maybe you’ll soon find yourself to be part of the crowd clambering to learn how to bake a Rose Scented Watermelon Cake or decorate a Miss Unicorn Cake.
And that isn’t all of it yet. Other than eating and baking here, you can also order customised cakes and whole cakes for any occasion. Baker’s Brew Studio has everything covered.
In addition to freshly baked cake ($8.80), other sweet treats such as Tiramisu ($9.80)Macarons ($2.80/piece, $14.00/box of five), and cake loafs ($7.80) in the flavours Banana Sugee and Pandan Sugee are offered at the cafe outlet too, as well as specialty coffee from Papa Palheta and loose leaf tea from The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. ($9.80, serves two)
But of course, with cakes being the mainstay of the cafe, we had to settle into their quaint little tables and try some of the recommended flavours.
Earl Grey Lavender Cake ($8.80)
This cake was labeled “Ladies’ Favourite”, and just by looking at it, we could understand why. While all the cakes here are incredibly Instagram-worthy, the Earl Grey Lavender Cake trumps the rest with its snow-white frosting, swatches of lilac, dainty piping around the edges, and dried lavender buds.
It’s hard to go wrong with earl grey lavender. The lightness of the lavender swiss meringue buttercream made the cake to cream ratio almost perfect, lifting the delicate taste of the earl grey and making it sufficiently sweet.
To go with our cake, we had a pot of Blissful Berries, a caffeine-free mix of raspberries, black berries, elderberries, strawberries, rosehips, and hibiscus. Extremely aromatic and pleasantly sweet, it melded well with the muted flavours of the cake.
Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($8.80)
Pandan chiffon cakes are an essential part of life for any Singaporean growing up — but never have we seen pandan cake so chic.
The Ondeh Ondeh Cake has been Baker’s Brew Studio’s signature ever since its debut in Sembawang, and for good reason. Generous amounts of desiccated coconut and gula melaka lend the cake a slight crispiness, reminiscent of the grated coconut that coat ondeh-ondeh. The texture was a familiar one — less the chewiness of the kueh.
We had a Latte ($6.00) with this slice, and no lie — the aromatic combination was a match made in heaven. Of course, it helped that the coffee was absolutely delicious.
Dual Fromage ($8.80)
Baker's Brew - Durian Fomage
No doubt, this last flavour took the cake (pun unashamedly intended). The Dual Fromage was the lone squat cake among the rest on display, but even then, it manages to stand out.
Exclusive to the Paragon branch, the Dual Fromage is essentially a double cheesecake, a layer of no-bake mascarpone mousse atop another layer of genoise sponge cheesecake. The top layer is then finished with a coating of finely grated parmesan cheese, giving the cake a subtle hint of savouriness.
It’s difficult to perfect the richness of a cheesecake — too light and it defeats its purpose, too heavy and it gets cloying. However, Baker’s Brew Studio has done a fantastic job with this delicate balance. A definite must-have if you ever drop by its Paragon outlet.
As the Healing Garden tea was recommended by staff, we decided to give it a try with this cake. This too was caffeine-free, but it was a much more herbal infusion as compared to the first one we had. A blend of ginger, lemongrass, and spearmint, the tea was light and palatable, with some of spicy notes at the end. We can see why it seems to be a hot favourite in the store.
290 Orchard Road #05-46
Paragon Shopping Centre
Singapore 238859
Opening Hours: 
Mon – Sun: 10am to 9pm
Contact: +65 6909 0669

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