Barcelona's Eyescream and Friends Gelato Opens in Singapore

The delectably sweet, sugary brainchild of founder Mr Joad Lopez – Eyescream And Friends – has arisen and is on a journey to take storm over the realm of the shaven dessert, gelato, that no one can resist. Originating from Barcelona and finally marking its spot on our red dot, Eyescream And Friends offers mouthwatering shaven gelato in a variety of flavours and hones in on the style of their gelatos not simply through taste, but through presentation as well. A brand promoting chic, fun, and cool vibes on the ridges of their shaved gelato, the franchise compels patrons to participate in the pleasure of the visuals and taste that surround the dessert, forming an entirely new experience for themselves. With the newly opened store that begun operations in September, you can now join in the fun-filled experience of eating delicious Gelato with your friends and loved ones.



1. Select Gelato Flavour
eyescream-characters-iihihEyescream And Friends, as the name suggests, encapsulate their seven basic yet grounded flavours within little characters that bear names resonating their individual flavours. This unique brand crafting caters to their target audience, children and women (the men can enjoy them just as well), and make for a considerably fun and whimsical affair to simply consuming the gelato. Shout discovered the 2 best-selling flavours – Brown Ed and Cheese loves Cake, chocolate and cheesecake respectively, that customers were most drawn to.

Cheesecake Flavour Complete set (SGD 6.90)


The shaven cheesecake gelato serves to be a comparatively creamier and slush-like alternative to the conventional cheesecake we all love – a taste to definitely try! SHOUT’s trial and verdict – with the toppings of caramelised cookies and strawberry sauce as in the picture, the flavours perfectly mesh together for an unforgettable taste that will leave you wanting more.

Chocolate Flavour Complete Set (SGD 6.90)


Nothing more needs to be said about the most typical flavour known to all in desserts – except, the catch about Eyescream And Friends’ chocolate flavour is that it differs slightly from the norm, but retains the most delectable experience for the consumer. Bearing a semblance of taste to a mix between the classic Ferrero and Nutella, Brown Ed is not too sweet yet not too compromising on the flavour. Without a doubt a SHOUT Favourite from our sampling of it – with the combination of the caramelised cookies and the Chocolate Fruities – the ensemble achieves a more chocolate-y and palette-inducing taste.

2. Selection of Toppings



Much like Ice Cream or conventional desserts, Eyescream And Friends’ Gelato do not come absolutely complete without toppings. Laid out in fun-sized little cups in neatly and visually appealing rows for you to pick and choose from are toppings that the franchise allows you to pair with your Gelato for a wholesome and tasteful experience.

The outlet at CompassOne offers a range of these 12 different toppings – Caramel, Chocolate Sauce, Banana Nut Crunch, Forest Berries, Red Orange, Chocolate Fruities, Gummy Bears, Marshmallows, Strawberry Sauce, White Chocolate Sauce, Caramelised Cookies and Oreo Cookies.

Gelato Shakes and Lollipops

Apart from simply offering gelato, Eyescream And Friends caters not only to the intensely sweet-toothed but to those who prefer to stomach a little less with their lollipops and Gelato shakes. Going at SGD 4.90 and SGD 5.90 respectively, these alternatives to the must-try shaven Gelato are sure to be equally satisfying. A Gelato virgin without any toppings for an uncompromised flavour goes at SGD 4.90.


Definitely a franchise to keep a lookout for (and to be a constant patron of), Eyescream and friends will soon be expanding operations throughout Singapore, alongside their experimentation of up and coming seasonal flavours that will be sure to add joy and delightful tastes to one and all.

1 Sengkang Square
CompassOne Mall

Operating Hours:
10am – 10pm

Social Media:

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