Build Your Own Sweet Treat At These 5 Dessert Places

If you can build your own chirashi-don, Korean lunchbox, or sushi, why not your own dessert? If there’s one thing this country needs, it’s more freedom — in the creation of our own desserts.
Even with this shortage, we have managed to dole out five dessert places where you can take the creation of everyone’s favourite part of a meal into your own hands, so do read on to find out where you can find these customizable desserts.


Bingsu may be one of the best desserts in town to share with a group of friends, but things may turn awry when everyone just can’t agree on a flavour. The solution? — a personal, customizable, bingsu bowl.
At just $6.90 — a slash from the usual $16 most bingsu cost — you may choose an ice-cream flavour and two additional toppings, creating your own handy concoction. True to its name — a truncation of “bingsu on the go” — the elongated design of the bowl makes it easy for you to carry and enjoy it on the move.
1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3
#02-K5 White Sands
Singapore 518457
Opening Hours:
Sun–Fri: 1100–2130
Sat: 1100–2200
Contact: +65 92358884
Nine Fresh
nine fresh

SHOUT - nine fresh

At less than $3, Nine Fresh definitely offers the most affordable grass jelly dessert on this island. This Taiwanese concoction comprising of grass jelly, tapioca pearls, and taro balls, remain a hot favourite among Singaporeans, its popularity owed to its refreshing quality in the hot weather.
A bowl of Nine Fresh grass jelly dessert starts off with a beancurd or grass jelly base, each going at a mere $1.50. All additional toppings are under a dollar, with an exception being the durian topping which costs $1.20. Easily, a tasty bowl of dessert can be created at just the price of $3 or more — if you’re feeling peckish.
Outlets: Several
Opening Hours: Varied
Absolute Acai

Project Acai

If you’re new to the acai bowl, it basically comprises of blended frozen acai berries  — a superfood packed with antioxidants — and topped off with various fruits, granola, and healthier toppings such as chia seeds. At Absolute Acai, you have the liberty to DIY your very own bowl.
First, start off with the usual acai puree base. At Absolute Acai, their acai smoothie is a blend of acai with guarana, fresh apples, banana, and coconut water, making for a sweet and fruity flavour. Then, add a minimum of 2 toppings, choosing from a range of seeds, nuts, and fruits. DIY bowls start at $6.90, with toppings from $0.50 onwards.
Note: Absolute Acai offers delivery via foodpanda as well.
3 Pickering Street
Singapore 048660
Opening Hours:
Mon–Fri: 1030–2030
Closed on Weekends
Contact:  +65 6224 4088
Cold Stone Creamery


Despite the uprising of ice-cream parlours with their hipster flavours and charcoal waffles, Cold Stone Creamery remains rock-solid on its two feet — and it may well be due to its innovation.

Well-loved for its theatrics and taste, Cold Stone is also popular for its mix-ins — the candy, chocolate, fruit, cake, and sauce toppings that will be folded into an ice-cream scoop of your choice. With what may be the largest selection of toppings in any ice-cream parlour, Cold Stone ensures that you are able to enjoy a creation unique to you.

Sizes available are ‘Like It’ (4 oz) at $6.00, ‘Love It’ (6 oz) at $8.50, and ‘Gotta Have It’ (8 oz) at $10.50. Do note that the prices stated are only limited to two mix-ins no matter the size, but you may add more at $1 each.

Orchard Central
Far East Square
Opening Hours: Varied
Contact: Varied

The Bakery Chef


When lava toast became all the rage, dozens of cafes quickly jumped onto the bandwagon, offering their own rendition of it. It’s easy to find yourself lost in this tsunami of bread, but one stands out with its customizability — The Bakery Chef.

At $14.80, create an extremely Instagrammable piece of art. First, pick your bread — charcoal, matcha, or brioche. Next, the filling — salted egg, Nutella, or matcha. And finally, the ice-cream flavour — chocolate, matcha, or vanilla. What results is a beautiful, incredibly oozy piece of toast, ready to be featured on your Instagram feeds, and then devoured.

161 Bukit Merah Central
Singapore 150161
Opening Hours:
Mon–Wed: 1100–1900
Thurs: 1000–1900
Fri, Sat: 1000–2100
Sun: 1000–1900
(Lava toasts only begin to be served at 12PM, until half an hour before closing.)
Contact: +65 6273 9211

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