Burger King’s Special Teh Tarik Pie Is Out At Selected Outlets For Just $1

Available at just $1 each for a limited time

Burger King Teh Tarik Pie (2)
If you thought that that comeback of the popular Hainanese Tendergrill Chicken Burger and Double Rendang Beef Burger is all Burger King Singapore has to offer in celebration of our nation’s 53rd birthday, think again.
Burger King Teh Tarik Pie (4)
Recently – and very quietly – launched at selected Burger King outlets is a brand new locally-inspired turnover, the Teh Tarik Pie ($1)!
Packed with a generous amount of a gooey teh tarik filling that tastes exactly like the beloved kopitiam drink, keep your eyes peeled for the official release date on their Facebook page!
Burger King Teh Tarik Pie (1)

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