There's A Totoro-Inspired Cat Cafe Where You Can Also Adopt Homeless Kitties

There are plenty of cafes inspired by the likes of Totoro and friends in Japan, and even more cat cafes all around the world. Now there’s going to be a whimsical cafe which combines the best of both in the first ever Totoro-themed cat cafe!
Inspired by cult film My Neighbour Totoro by Studio Ghibli, Catoro Cafe is set to open in Vancouver, Canada this summer. The city really needs more cat cafes, and Cataro Cafe looks set on becoming the new hotspot for both kitty lovers and cafe hoppers.

catoro cafe mockup
Mock-up of the cafe. Source: Catoro Cafe/ Facebook

Instead of mini Totoros, the cafe will house kitties that visitors can play with. Currently there aren’t any photos of the cafe yet, but Catoro has posted photos of the Temari No Ouchi Cat Cafe in Japan. If that’s anything to go by, you can expect a magical and enchanting indoor forest. Imagine the  mysterious forest coming alive with a touch of guardian spirit magic thrown in!
The cafe will also sell bubble tea and bubble waffles, and will most likely be Instagrammable in true Japanese fashion.
Catoro Cafe
Temari No Ouchi Cat Cafe in Japan

Catoro is more than just your regular cat cafe; they are also a safe haven for rescued cats that have been taken in by Cat Therapy and Rescue Society (CTRS). The kitty charity has been looking after badly injured and special needs cats who are turned away by other shelters due to their expensive medical costs.
The cafe will be split into two – one side is the cafe where you can enjoy desserts and coffee, and the other side is a shelter for the cats rescued by CTRS where you can play with the kitties. You’re more than welcome to adopt a kitty too, and the cafe is a good way to meet the cats to see if you’re compatible! The cafe will probably charge an entry fee too.
Source: Catoro Cafe
Source: Catoro Cafe

Show your support by supporting their GoFundMe page and receive exclusive freebies and promotions. Every donation counts, and even if you can only spare a few dollars, that’s still enough to get you priority reservation. For those who donate $50 or more, you’ll get to be one of the first to visit the cafe with free entry included and a free bubble tea.
The café is currently under construction and is expected to open later this year at 666 East Broadway by Fraser Street in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood in Vancouver, Canada. You can follow Catoro Cafe on Facebook for cute cat photos and to stay updated on their opening. Their Instagram is also filled with plenty of hilarious kitties, as well as cats from Cat Therapy And Rescue Society that are up for fostering and adoption now.


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