CBD’s Quirky New Bar x Art Gallery Has Alcoholic Peanut Butter Shots And Aesthetic See-Through Furniture

A hangout for fun-loving souls that opens past midnight

Hestrobar (4)
Spicing up Tanjong Pagar’s unending repertoire of fancy, cookie cutter bistro bars is Hestrobar, a hip bar-cum-art gallery that’s bold, experimental, and full of fun surprises.
Case in point – their eye-catching decor includes a feature wall made of ripped pages from textbooks and the infamous novel Fifty Shades Darker, tongue-in-cheek art pieces that dish out sick burns, and they even have transparent furniture that’ll make every minimalist swoon.

Hestrobar (2)
The art pieces will change every 3 months, and one currently includes plastic bags that you can actually use as a
puke bag!

It’s no surprise that their menu is equally creative with an impressive selection of homemade fusion bar bites, sides, mains, and pasta. Some of the more unique items include ribeye steak drenched with coffee-flavoured sauce, har cheong gai chicken cutlet, and prawn bisque mac and cheese!
We opted for the Har Cheong Gai 鸡-ken Cutlet ($22) and Prawn Bisque Mac & Cheese ($20) because those were Hestrobar’s signatures, and boy, were we in for a treat.

Hestrobar (6)

Hand-battered and deep fried till golden brown, the har cheong gai chicken cutlet was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Fragrant with an unmistakable prawn paste taste, it held its own against most zichar stalls, and even came with a side of waffle fries, salad, and homemade chinchalok.

Hestrobar (8)

Pairing extremely well with the savoury cutlet, the shrimp-based chilli packed an addictively tangy kick and had none of that overpowering fishy taste. Don’t get too heavy-handed when dipping though – a little goes a long way!

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If you’re craving for something rich and decadent, dive right into the Prawn Bisque Mac & Cheese – it’s creamy, cheesy, flavourful, and topped with large fresh prawns.

Hestrobar (9)
Look at all that glorious mozzarella!

Thanks to the prawn stock, the macaroni wasn’t cloying and didn’t cake up as fast as most baked dishes, which is a huge plus point for slow-eaters. Remember to give the dish a quick mix before digging in though, or else you’ll get plain ol’ mac and cheese on top and plenty of prawn broth at the bottom!

Hestrobar (7)
Peanut Butter Shot

Hestrobar’s array of cocktail selections is also just as impressive and innovative, which include Popsicle Sangrias, alcoholic ice kachang, and Gummy Bear, Skittles, and Peanut Butter shots.
One of the best-sellers so far is the Peanut Butter Shot ($10), which is made with Baileys, coffee liqueur, a generous amount of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, peanut butter, and rimmed with crushed M&M’s. A dessert in a shot glass with a sweet and light cream finish, it’s as if you’re drinking rich chocolate milk infused with alcohol – aka every grown-up kid’s dream.

Hestrobar (3)
P!NK Sakura

Highly recommended for those who prefer sweet cocktails is also the P!NK Sakura ($18), which is a saccharine concoction of pink gin, sparkling water, rose syrup, and real rose petals. Served in an adorable beaker-like container that comes with a glass straw for you to sip daintily, the drink is also complimentary for ladies every Tuesday night, limited to 1 drink per person!

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In line with their fun-loving and free-spirited mindset, Hestrobar is open past midnight even on weekdays for night owls who feel that the night is still young. As an added bonus, there are Happy Hour deals available everyday from 5PM – 8PM, and a chance to win a Dyson Airwrap or Xbox One S for every $100 you spend from now till 28th February 2019!
Address: 57 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089521
Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs: 11.30AM – 2.30PM, 5PM – 1AM | Fri & Sat: 11.30AM – 2.30PM, 5PM – 2AM

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