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Yes, you have read the title right. You can now wirelessly charge your phone by simply walking into a room. Xiaomi has recently launched their Mi Air Charge Technology which will allow users to remotely charge electronic devices without any cables or wireless charging stands.

The Mi Air Technology. Source: Xiaomi

Priding itself on its spatial positioning and energy transmission. Xiaomi’s self-developed isolated charging pile has five built-in phase interference antennas, which detect the location of the smartphone, a phase control array composed of 144 antennas transmits millimeter-wide waves to the phone via beamforming.

Charge your phone by simply being several meters near the Mi Air Technology. Source: Xiaomi

 Xiaomi has also developed a miniaturized antenna array with a built-in “beacon antenna” and “receiving antenna array” in their smartphones. Beacon antenna broadcasts position information with low power consumption. The receiving antenna array consists of 14 antenna that converts the millimeter-wave signal emitted by the charging pile into electric energy through the rectifier circuit.

Another look at the Mi Air Technology. Source: Xiaomi


You can also charge multiple devices at the same time within being several meters away from the Mi Air Charge Technology. While it is not yet stated as to when this new product will be released for purchase, do keep your eyes peeled on Xiaomi’s website for further updates!


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