Climb On Jenga Walls And Battle It Out In A Maze-like Laser Tag Arena!

Get your adrenaline fix rain or shine

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That’s right, thrill-seekers – exclusively available only in HomeTeamNS Tampines, adrenaline junkies can now challenge each other to 19 unique walls at Clip ‘n Climb, Singapore’s first indoor climbing theme park, and then face-off in a high-tech version of hide-and-seek and tag in Laser Quest, a maze-like laser tag arena!

Climb Jenga blocks and a block of “cheese”

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Take fun to new heights literally at Singapore’s first and only Clip ‘n Climb! An action-packed revolutionised climbing theme park from New Zealand with over 100 outlets around the world, it boasts a total of 19 different walls, each 8m tall with their own unique challenges.

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Think giant tower of Jenga blocks, a vertical block of “cheese”, a speed climb, a clear panel for face-to-face matches, and more – it’s not called the “Best Indoor Climbing Theme Park” by Parents World 2018 for nothing!

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Description panels and difficulty levels are located on each wall!

The best part about Clip ‘n Climb is that it’s catered to all levels of climbers too – besides having walls of various difficulty, there’s also an automatic-belay system that uses magnetic eddy current braking technology to ensure a safe and controlled descent to the ground. This means that unlike rock climbing and bouldering, there is no age limit, only a weight requirement of 10kg – 150kg.

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Safety harnesses will be provided – all you have to bring is a pair of covered shoes and comfortable sports apparel.

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Climbing sessions are 90 minutes each, and you can refer to the price chart below:

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A game of Hide-And-Seek and Tag combined

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Originally hailing from Canada with over 140 centres worldwide, Laser Quest at HomeTeamNS is not just the “Best Laser Tag Arena” as awarded by Parents World 2016, but also one of the most affordable laser tag games in Singapore with prices starting as low as a mere $5.

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Also available in HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok for West-siders, it features an arena that will heighten your senses with a large variety of obstacles, 70% darkness, strobe lights, and UV-reactive painted surfaces. Choose from a total of 10 different gameplays that range from spy missions to Jurassic themed ones, each complete with their own special lighting and music!

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Players can
manoeuvre up ramps, duck behind walls, and shoot through windows!

Players are then equipped with infrared laser guns and vests that light up when the player is “hit”, and mission objectives for both solo-based and team-based plays are available. Go Rambo and eliminate as many opponents as you can in an every-man-for-himself game or build camaraderie with your teammates as you work together to protect your “king” from the enemies!

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There are 7 sensor zones on the vest that you can aim for!

A maximum of 3 rounds can be played each game, and every round lasts approximately 10 minutes with up to 20 players allowed each time.

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View your total scores at the end of the game to determine the winner!

As an added bonus, lockers are provided free-of-charge for you to keep your belongings safe while you battle it out!

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Refer to the pricing chart below:

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Easy and convenient online booking

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It’s really no surprise that the clubhouse facilities get a tad crowded on weekends, so to avoid wasted trips or long waiting times, HomeTeamNS now allows online booking!

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View and reserve available time slots for both facilities, and then make your payment via Visa or Mastercard.

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HomeTeamNS Tampines
Address: 1 Tampines Walk, #03-03 Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 528523
Laser Quest and Clip ‘n Climb Operating Hours: Mon – Thurs: 12PM – 9PM | Fri – Sat: 10AM – 11PM |Sun: 10AM – 9PM | Every first Monday of the month: 2PM – 9PM
HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok
Address: Multi Shooting Arena, Level 2, 2 Bukit Batok West Avenue 7, Singapore 659003
Laser Quest Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 12PM – 9M | Sat – Sun: 9AM – 9PM
HomeTeamNS features 5 clubhouses located in Balestier, Bukit Batok, Chinatown, Sembawang and Tampines. Each club is equipped with sports and recreational facilities such as gymnasiums and chalets, food and beverage establishments, and child-friendly venues, including water-playgrounds and enrichment centres.

This post was sponsored by HomeTeamNS.

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