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Cotton Clouds Is A Stylish Cloud-Themed Cafe In BKK With Instagrammable Desserts & Drinks!

The desserts are just as photo-worthy as the interior


Source: @buchakorn

Cotton Clouds Cafe is just a 30-minute drive away from Siam Paragon with lots of photo-worthy desserts and drinks! Cafe-hoppers, you can look forward to the beautiful pastel interior with various decorations like neon signs and cloud lamps that can totally make it to the ‘gram!

C2Check out how fluffy the cloud-lamps are! Source: @aprilparis_ 

C11Source: @umamayz

C5Source: @haru_courage


If you have a sweet-tooth, this cafe is your sweet heaven – it has a wide variety of desserts like cakes, doughnuts and ice cream! What’s even better is that their photo-worthy cakes adorably shaped into igloos, apples, roses, pumpkins and more!

C7Apple Choco Mousse Cake. Source: @hi_jung

c20Butterfly Pea Frappe and Winter Paradise. Source: @teeraphala

Some of these cakes include the Winter Paradise, which is perfect for those who love Pina Colada and made with coconut mousse with pineapple jelly and crispy feuilletine.

c23Lychee Rose Mousse Cake. Source: @punproxl

c22Source: @punproxl

For fruity dessert-lovers, there’s the exquisite Lychee Rose Mousse Cake which is made with real lychee fruit and chocolate, and the Apple Mousse Cake, which consists of caramel-covered chocolate mousse that is then wrapped with another thick layer of chocolate!


Source: @som_parichart

As for drinks, Cotton Clouds offer various pretty-looking drinks like frappes, sodas, coffees and more!

C6Rainbow Milk. Source: @maiching.t

C9Soda topped with Cotton Candy. Source: Cotton Clouds

C13Rainbow Milk Signature. Source: @onnythip

C12Afternoon Matcha Latte. Source: Cotton Clouds

What’s more, an aesthetic interior will definitely beautify your #ootd shot so here are some inspirations for you to step up your Instagram game when you drop by!

C14Source: @appelu

C16Source: @imgimage

C17Source: @claireweeranund


Cotton Clouds

Address: 34/1 Sukhumvit 26 Alley, Khwaeng Khlong Tan 10110 Thailand

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 9.30AM – 6PM Sun | 10.30AM – 7PM


Feature image source: @foodyoucaneat and @ree1_0nz

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