Creative Instagram Accounts of Local Illustrators That Will Brighten Your Monday Feed

We know Mondays can be tough, more so if you had a great weekend. Some say surrounding yourself with art and colour can help improve your mood and provide that much needed pick-me-up. Perfect colour combinations abound in these local artists’ Instagram accounts – a welcome remedy for the Monday blues. Here are some local artists who view life through technicolor-tinted glasses, to help see you through a drab week.
1. Oakandbindi

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RHLF ~ V.2

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The brainchild behind oakandbindi, Lydia Yang, is part of the creative collective Tell Your Children. Her clean, pastel-hued and playful illustrations extend past print art – she has also dabbled in designing clothes and creating vinyl toys. Her work has gained traction over the past few years, and brands have been seeking to collaborate with her, be it commissioning her to paint a mural, illustrating magazine spreads, or taking a peek into her studio.
Find her on instagram, and on her webstore.
2. Messymsxi

Artist and illustrator Tan Zi Xi’s feed is eclectic – she has a mix of watercolours, illustrations and installations. One thing is for sure though, her pieces never fail to visually stimulate. The graduate from Central Saint Martins recently did a mural at the Newton Downtown Line, and she aims to incorporate meaning into her work, be it highlighting social issues or a personal opinion.
You can find her on instagram, and on her website.
3. Mrydette

Mrydette’s feed is a beautiful dreamscape of organic, nature-inspired art. Her intricate paintings and illustrations often feature girls and florals on canvas, skateboards, apparels and even a guitar. Her aesthetic is a welcome invitation to indulge our feminine side and admit our love for pink.
You can find her on instagram and on her website.
4. Ultraaviolets
Kimberly Tan, the illustrator behind ultraaviolets, has a feed characteristically bursting with colours. She is also a master of unique colour palette goodness, where bright pinks, purples, greens and red come together to breathe life into her works.
You can find her works on instagram, and shop for merchandise here.
5. Teeteeheehee

A purveyor of art and embriodery, Teresa seeks to meld illustrations and textile designs in her art. The result is a beautiful collection of embroidery pieces that can come across as drawings if you don’t look closely. How often can we come across an artist so dedicated and detailed in her craft?
Find her on instagram and her website.
6. Puffingmuffin

Candice Phang of puffingmuffin has no shortage of wondrously strange and quirky artwork. Her adorable works feature whimsical characters, often with a little twist. She injects vibrant colours into each piece that never fails to spread good vibes.
You can find her on instagram and on her website.
7. allisonmlow

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A welcome pinch of strangeness and whimsy, Allision’s illustrations feature monochromatic oddlings filled in with the most pleasant pastel hues. Her visuals are perhaps a reflection of her aesthetic – slightly dark, twisted, but still cute.
You can find her on instagram and on her website.

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