Custom Made Indoor Mats To Boost Your Décor Game!

Step up your interior décor game with these Insta-worthy custom designed indoor mats by Insanely Mat Singapore! Offering a variety of mini carpets in a range of vibrant colourways, with bold graphics and intricate details, Insanely Mat crafts unique designs in all shapes and sizes to match your interiors! Take a look at some of the cool mats they have to offer –

Insanely Mat is an essential brand that embraces the now and celebrates urban living in this cultural environment. Their arrangement of design pursues to bring back local culture and nostalgic pleasures through a selection of ready-made homegoods and customising services for those seeking an abstract lifestyle.

Insanely Mat products range anywhere from $68 for instock items to $189 for customised pieces. Available in two materials – Coil Wire PVC and Tufted Wool mats, the price of each product will vary in accordance to the intricacy of each design, duration of customisation, collaboration with other artists, and the size of the final product. Customers on a budget should note that the PVC mats are the cheaper alternative which takes a mere seven to 15 days to be designed, whereas tufted mats require at least three weeks to a month before they are ready. The cost of a customised mat will also vary according to each clients’ requirements and needs; therefore the brand encourages customers to request a quotation along with their ideas.

To order and customise one of your own, simply message the brand on Instagram or through Facebook!


Insanely Mat

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