Customisable AirPod Earrings So You Never Lose Them Ever Again

These “Airings” are the ingenious creation of @deadanimemom on IG

Customisable AirPod Earrings (2)

If you own a pair of AirPods, chances are, you probably worry about losing it at least once a day. Now, thanks to the genius artist and fashionista Gabrielle Reilly or L (IG handle: @deadanimemom, Twitter handle: @bloodorgy), we have AirPod Earrings – a quirky and stylish way to keep them close by your side all day err day, much like a glasses chain but for your earpieces.

Customisable AirPod Earrings (1)

Nicknamed “Airings” after it went viral when she first posted a video on Twitter of herself modelling the creation, each pair takes Gabrielle about an hour to make. The custom piece that connects the earring to the AirPods is also detachable for easy charging purposes.

Customisable AirPod Earrings (3)

The best part? Gabrielle is currently taking in orders for these “Airings” here for just $20 a pair, and you can even customise the type of earring, material, length, and colour of the connecting piece! If you want more personalised customisation like charms and chains, simply drop her a polite email and she’ll try to work it out with you.
Do note that because she’ll be doing everything by herself, she might stop taking in orders if it gets too overwhelming. In-stock orders will take 3 – 5 business days to be made, and pre-orders will take about 2-3 weeks to complete. Also, because she’s based all the way in America, bless her heart for shipping internationally.
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