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Eatbox 2020: 7 Best Food to Look Out For

We may be months away from Artbox, but we can still enjoy Eatbox, a boutique food festival organised by Artbox itself. Even better, this three-weekend jamboree is dedicated solely to bites around the region and will unite food lovers around with a competitive eating challenge.


This year’s theme is Street Food and will focus on cuisine around Asia such as Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and of course Singapore.






We checked out Eatbox and sussed out the best stalls to keep a lookout for and what else to expect!

1. Taiwan Waffles (4 pieces for $5)


For one that would instantly brighten up your feed, go for these adorable animal-shaped waffles from a store called Taiwan Waffles. They come in eight flavours, including double chocolate, peanut, double berries and red bean. Choose to mix and match any four pieces for $3.50, and if you buy eight, you get one for free. Us being greedy, we got one of each flavour. We enjoyed the chocolate flavour the most, but if you want a savoury option, go for the hotdog.

2. Taiwan Egg x HugDog ($3.50)


Also from Taiwan Waffles, the Taiwan Egg x Hugdog is essentially a hotdog coated with eggs and a sauce of your choice. Choose from Honey Mustard, Summer Mango, Taiwan Mayonnaise, Taiwan Pepper Salt and Thai Chilli. We went for Thai Chilli and Taiwan Mayonnaise. Both came with generous toppings of seaweed. A quick savoury option, especially if you’re starving.

3. Cold Soba with Sriracha Soft Shell Crab ($10)


Hungry on a hot day? Local food brand Sinful’s Cold Soba with Sriracha Soft Shell Crab will do the trick. Caution though: the soba is pretty spicy because of the sriracha. Otherwise, it complements well with the soft shell crab. We don’t advise leaving the soft shell crab out for long as it’ll turn soft. Best to finish your food fast! 

If crab isn’t your thing, the stall has other options too like Mentaiko Chicken Karaage ($8). 

4. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Hotdog ($8)

mac n cheese

What’s typically considered two separate food dishes now come together perfectly: mac and cheese and a hotdog bun. From Super Sub, this local joint with a store at Suntec City prides itself on having the best gourmet hotdogs in Singapore, and it’s no wonder why. Their Mac ‘n’ Cheese Hotdog is exactly how you’d imagine street good to be like: full of flavour, which make the extra carbs worth it. Granted, the mac and cheese isn’t exactly restaurant standard, but it’s still a good combination with the hotdog bun.

5. Bubblewrap Waffles with Ice Cream ($8 for single scoop, $11 for double scoop)

ice cream waffle

Craving dessert? Look towards The Naughty Corner, a stall located in the sheltered section of the festival. This local gelato kiosk is known for their homemade egglet waffle with ice cream. They’re also recognised for their chilli crab ice cream flavour, so we had to try that. True enough, it was extremely spicy and even had chilli flakes inside. Probably a flavour we wouldn’t go for on an ordinary day; but they have other delicious flavours too like Bubblegum and White Rabbit that go perfectly well with the soft and fluffy waffle.

6. Ice Lollies (2 for $3)


Remember those nostalgic ice lollies we used to get after school when we were younger? They’re now available in interesting flavours like Lychee Mojito, Shirley Temple, Creamy Oreo and Nutella. Find them at halal store Krumbz N Kraves — yes, the Lychee Mojito is non-alcoholic. Apart from ice lollies, find other bites like their version of Shihlin Chicken ($6).

7. Bakkwa Popiah ($8)


$8 for popiah is extremely pricey, considering you can get it anywhere else for less than half the price. But this one by Pattern has premium ingredients like bakkwa and pork floss. When combined together, they may be a little too sweet, but nevertheless still an interesting pairing. Besides popiah, they also have other bakkwa dishes like Bakkwa Sandwich ($8) and Luncheon Meat Fries ($6). 

Don’t let all that food buying go to waste either — with food item you purchase, you’re entitled to a stamp on a card you’ll receive.


Collect three stamps and get to redeem a goodie bag which contains an Artbox water bottle, shirt, and tote bag.

water bottle



While Eatbox is a food-centric festival, you can also expect other attractions like live performances and a tiny space dedicated to arcade games.


Brought in by arcade rental company The Arcade Company, the games go at one token each. One token costs $2 and six for $10. 




If you’re worried about heading to the festival during this COVID-19 period, rest assured that safety measures are put into place by event organisers. For instance, temperature checks are mandatory at the gate for all visitors, and a sanitisation booth is available to disinfect those hands. 


Dates: 21-23 Feb 2020, 28-29 Feb 2020, 1 Mar 2020 

Location: Downtown East (D’Marquee & Open Plaza 1&2)

Opening hours: 3pm-11pm 

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