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Famous Hong Kong Desserts @ Burlington Square

Just a few years ago, the humble Hong Kong egg waffle, otherwise called gai daan tsai, set every Singaporean’s appetite ablaze, as they eagerly scoured every corner of our island in search of this delectable street food made from sweet, egg-rich batter cooked in a hot griddle with round cells.

Still as fashionable as ever, with innumerable cafes across Singapore serving up the revered dessert, an all-new café along Bencoolen Street has now dedicated its menu to the fluffy treat.

Aptly named ‘Egglette & Dessert’, this café specializes in the famous egglette and other delicious Hong Kong street food such as a cup of grass jelly with mango, grass jelly with watermelon, coconut sago with honeydew, and a variety of gelato ice creams with colourful toppings. Set within a predominantly white space, lined with colourful posters, and neatly arranged seating, Egglette & Dessert serves their signature egglettes for $3.60 with a choice of add-on ice cream for $2.90, add-on gelato for $3.50, and add-on Iced Hong Kong Milk Tea for $3.30.


Egglette & Dessert

Address: Burlington Square, 175 Bencoolen Street, 01-55, S189149

Operating Hours: 12pm – 8pm, daily

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