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Famous Taiwan Cafe Brings Monster-Inspired, Shaved Ice Cream To Singapore

Amidst a sea of japanese restaurants and iconic bars, Roji Monster Ice Cream lies peacefully along Tanjong Pagar Road. Newly opened at the start of the year, this unique ice cream parlour is characterized by an imaginative character ‘Roji’, who is shaped like a black ball. Easily distinguished by its large doe-like eyes, Roji represents the departure of stress and the entrance of a  childlike sense of relaxation,  peace, and wonder.

Hailing directly from Taiwan, Roji Monster Ice Cream showcases a variety of desserts and beverages inspired by both the original store and Singaporean culture. Categorised into four main flavours – milk, uji matcha, cocoa, and black sesame – patrons are invited to customize each dessert to their personal preference.

Of their innumerable toppings, this parlor is best known for their rice dumpling with red bean, hojicha jelly, and matcha jelly alternatives, alongside the salted cherry jelly, honey osmanthus jelly, iced gem biscuits, cendol, attap seed, and oreo cream cheese. To order, simply select one of the cafe’s delectable main flavours and two toppings of your choice. You may then proceed to stamp each flavour’s name onto a special card provided at the entrance.

For those feeling unsure, fret not, a member of Roji’s amiable crew will always be present to guide each guest through the process, suggesting popular recommendations and providing an insightful review of each ingredient. After all, Roji Monster Ice Cream prioritises quality service above all, and the cafe, itself, is set up to facilitate the most interaction between staff and guests.

Highly affordable, Roji charges a mere $12.90 for one bowl of shaved-ice, monster-shaped ice cream with two toppings, and an additional $2.90 for extra ingredients.

Other must-try desserts include the brand’s homemade monster waffle. Originally priced at an estimated $10.90, the waffle will now go for $6.90, for a limited time only.

With a wide variety of beverage alternatives such as hot coffees, and a marshmallow purple sweet potato latte still in the works, Roji Monster Ice Cream Singapore is proud to present their signature Matcha Latte for $6.90. Crafted from pure matcha powder and topped with milk foam, the Roji crew’s undeniably cute artworks deserve a page of their own on Instagram.

Drop by Roji Monster Ice cream, on 52 Tanjong Pagar Rd, anytime from 2pm to 11pm daily, for your daily dose of exquisite monster-inspired treats!

Roji Monster Ice cream @ 52 Tanjong Pagar Rd, S088473

Hours: (Tues – Thurs) 2pm to 11pm, (Fri – Sat) 3pm to 12am

Tel: 6223 1023

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