I Got My Hair Washed With Eggs At Prep Luxe Salon – Eggcellent Or Nah?

Is the Freedom Range Egg Treatment just pure gimmicky?


“Gross!” – that was my initial reaction when I first heard of Prep Luxe Salon’s Freedom Range Egg Treatment. Having fresh barn-laid eggs slathered onto your hair and massaged into your scalp honestly sounds pretty appalling and off-putting (aren’t eggs meant for eating?) but that said, my dry, damaged hair was at its peak of desperation. If egg masks and egg shampoos are such an “in” thing for supposedly being really helpful for boosting elasticity and shine, it was worth a shot to see if it really works.


For just $55 for any hair length, the hair stylist at Prep Luxe Hair Salon will stir 3 to 4 eggs with 5 pumps of Kerasilk oil to make sure the mixture is odourless, then let it seep into your hair cuticles for 10 minutes before washing it off with shampoo and finally blow-drying your hair. Sounds like the perfect plan when you’re too lazy to wash and style your hair for an event you have to attend!


Featuring Goldwell’s Kerasilk Control serum.


I was pleasantly surprised that there really wasn’t a single hint of egg odour during the whole process, and while I thought that the mixture might feel like cold, gooey paste on scalp, it was in fact, warm, and no different from any other other regular shampoo on my hair.


The best part of this treatment is that after your hair has soaked up all the eggs’ nutrients, you’ll be treated to an amazing scalp massage as your stylist shampoo and condition your hair. Who could ever say no to a relaxing head massage, right?


Once the washing is done, another in-house serum is applied to further strengthen and smoothen my hair. I must admit, at this point, my hair felt extremely smooth and bouncy.



Check out how shiny and soft it looks at the end!


I could mess up my hair and still have it remain tangle-free – is that how hair shampoo models feel? 

It’s not a fair judgement until we compare the before and after, so there you go – what looked dull and listless previously now looks softer, shinier, and more voluminous!


Left: Before | Right: After

My verdict? 7/10 – I would definitely go for this treatment again when I’m lazy to style my hair or in need of a quick makeover fix before a party. If I’m not in a rush though, then I might just try my hand at whipping up my own egg mixture to save a couple of bucks because I can simply use the eggs and hair serum I have at home!


Prep Luxe

Address: 15 Stamford Rd, #01-62 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178906

Opening Hours: Daily | 10AM – 7.30PM




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