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Japan’s First Ever Sign Language Starbucks Outlet!

Japan is known for their unique Starbucks outlets, from a Ryokan-style outlet to their largest Roastery/Cafe outlet in Tokyo. A new Starbucks outlet was introduced on 27 June 2020, and it aims to shine a light on workplace inclusivity and diversity!


Located in Kunitachi, Japan, Starbucks Nonowa Kunitachi is predominantly operated by employees with hearing impairment. Patrons can expect to order their drinks using various ways, including sign language, pointing writing or speaking into a tablet that displays the orders.


Patrons can also learn some sign languages with the interactive screen placed in-store, which will allow for deeper understanding and appreciation for people with disabilities. Instead of the usual way of getting customer’s attention, staff will use sign language to inform you that your order is ready! The Starbucks sign will also be accompanied by a set of sign language translations!


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the outlet will be limited to only takeaway orders to protect both patrons and staff members. Transparent face masks will also be utilised so that communication via lip-reading will be possible.


Store information

Starbucks Coffee Kunitachi

Address: 1-6 Higashi, Kunitachi 150-0011 Tokyo Prefecture

Tel: 042-505-9223

Opening hours: 7am-10pm daily

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