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Make Healthy Homemade Noodles with this Portable Noodle Making Machine from Lazada

Do you love the convenience and taste of instant noodles, but find them too unhealthy? That will no longer be an issue with household brand Joyoung’s noodle maker! 
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This nifty product comes with five moulds to make five different types of noodles: thin noodle (mee kia), yellow noodle, macaroni, linguine, and fettuccine or mee poh.

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Because you’re making these noodles from scratch, you’re able to ditch the artificial flavouring and preservatives that’s otherwise commonly used in instant noodles or even outside food in general. Furthermore, you can even add other natural ingredients like spinach, beetroot and carrots. Who said healthy eating has to be troublesome? However, note that the other ingredients have to be in liquid form — so instead of using actual chopped carrots, substitute that for carrot juice instead. 
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You don’t need to be a chef to make these noodles either. In fact, the main ingredient you need is just flour. There are just four steps to follow: pour in the required amount of flour; select the desired function (the type of noodles you want); add in the required amount of liquid ingredients; wait for the ribbons of noodles to emerge. 
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The entire process will take about 18 minutes in total; every rotation in the machine is equivalent to manual kneading of six times. The blender within mixes water and flour evenly in just three minutes too — that’s like manually kneading 1000 times. Consider us impressed. 
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This unique machine is available from Joyoung’s website at $328, but you can get it at a special price of only $168 from Lazada, Qoo10, and Turbo Italia
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Healthy eating, here we come!

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