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KFC’s Launches New Taco with Fried Chicken as Taco Shell

When KFC launched their limited edition Kentaco, we knew we had to try it. This interesting new item is basically a taco but without any carbs — yes, in place of the taco shell is a deep fried chicken. Is it just a gimmick? The only way to find out is to actually try it. 


Source: KFC
Source: KFC


This carbless taco was bigger than that we expected, but for $5.90, it is pretty pricey, because it’s essentially a piece of fried chicken layered with cheese and vegetables. It does, however, contain four types of cheese: emmental, romano, cheddar and mozzarella. So if you’re a fan of anything cheesy, you might like this one. 

We were expecting the crust to be thicker and crispier with a bit more crunch, but it’s exactly what you’ll find on a regular KFC chicken. While the Kentaco didn’t exactly meet our taco expectations, for what it’s worth, you’re still getting quite a fair bit of meat. Can buy if you’re on a no-carb day.


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