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Korean-Inspired “Fatfatcarons” Now Available In Singapore!

There’s a trending dessert in Korea called “Ddung-carons”(fat-carons), which are essentially super thick stuffed macarons. The good news is, we found a local patisserie where you can get these beautiful and delicious looking sweet treats!

Started off as an online baking school in 2013, Nanantang is a local baking studio and baking school that offers exciting workshops and IG-worthy cakes. They are always updating the menu with trendy and beautiful pastries, such as buttercream flowers and as of late, Fatfatcarons!

Nanatang offers 2 types of macarons. “Fat-carons”($35 for box of 10) are similar to normal French macarons, except it features popular flavours such as Speculoos, Citron, and also Earl Grey.

And of course we have the “Fatfat-carons”($30 for box of 4), which look similar to those Gummy Burgers candy, except they are much thicker and filled with funky fillings! Choose from a variety of flavours ranging from local flavours(such as ondeh-ondeh) to creative and trendy flavours, including Japanese Matcha With Azuki Beans, Strawberry Shortmac and Oreo Cheesecake!

You can browse more of their offerings on Nanatang’s website!

They offer islandwide delivery at a flat fee of $8. 

$20-30 for time-specific delivery. Order here.

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