La Muralla Roja: The Spanish Home Of Your Dreams

Somewhere far in the Alicante region of southwestern Spain sits the architecture of your aesthetic dreams – the La Muralla Roja (The Red Wall) that is.

Nestled atop the rocky cliffs of Calpe, this post-modernist, fortress-like housing project is the work of Ricardo Bofill, a Spanish architect who is a prominent urbanist in the modern design world. The building draws inspiration from classic Arab and Mediterranean architecture, with carefully selected, striking colours that either contrast with nature or complement its purity.

Tonal reds awash the exterior facade of the structure, playing up the contrast with the natural landscape. On the other hand, stairs are painted in varying shades of blues and indigos, challenging conventional colour schemes. This unorthodox mix of colours accentuates the already surreal qualities of this unique architecture.

The interlocking stairs, platforms and bridges that characterise this architecture are a modern reflection of the circulation in a typical casbah – a type of North African citadel with towering walls and little to no windows. The stairs and bridges provide access to the 50 apartments in La Muralla Roja.
This extensive building houses three different types of apartments: 60 sqm studios, 80 sqm two bedroom apartment, and 120 sqm three bedroom apartments. The single rooms are arranged in square plans and interconnected to form a system of crosses. Roof terraces, swimming pools and saunas are just some of the amenities that the privileged residents here have full access to.

Here’s the news you’ve been crossing your fingers for – some of the apartments in La Muralla Roja are actually available for booking on Airbnb! The next time you embark on a picturesque European tour, the underrated seaside town of Calpe is well deserving of a spot on your itinerary. This complex geometry of a building screams aesthetic goals – your Instagram feed will thank you for this.
La Muralla Roja
Partida Manzanera, 3, 03710 Calp, Alicante, Spain
(Photo credits: arch daily)

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