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LEGO Celebrates Diversity With The Everyone is Awesome Model Set!

Celebrate diversity and inclusivity this June with LEGO’s latest Everyone is Awesome buildable display model! Inspired by the values of love and acceptance featured in the LGBTQIA+ rainbow flag, the all-new display set will feature 11 monochrome mini figures each with its own individual hairstyle and colour code.

Designed by Matthew Ashton, this set aims to send a power message, celebrating all individuals regardless of their sexual and gender orientation through a bold, fun, quirky, and simplistic offering. Beyond the self-explanatory pink, white, and purple colour codes, LEGO enthusiasts can expect to see figures in black and brown to represent the broad diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Taking steps in the right direction on a corporate level, the LEGO Group currently works with Workplace Pride, Stonewall and Open for Business to help shape strategies to support employees who identify as LGBTQIA+ and allies across the company. The brand also supports UK-based charity, Diversity Role Models which works to educate children about inclusivity and empathy in order to build supportive and inclusive communities for future generations.

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