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Luxurious 7320Sqf Yacht House On Sentosa Cove!

Why spend money on a private yacht and a house when you can get the best of both worlds?

This is exactly what Italian design firm Mercurio Design Lab and AM Architect had built: an elegant three-storey property that takes the shape of a huge yacht!

Located along one of Sentosa Cove’s canal, this 7320sqf house looks just like those private yachts docked by the waters.

According to Mercurio Design Lab, the slanted wall that gives this house a unique vessel shape is made of glass, giving it a larger sense of space from the inside out.

As we move into the property, you’ll be greeted by marble tiles along the doorway, leading into the grand living room. Not to mention the extravagant water feature located on the sides of the doorway.

The living room features a red accent on carefully-selected furniture, such as the curtains and carpet, giving it a timeless design that is both sophisticated and chic. Seated just beside the living area is a sharp-edged bar counter that sets an exquisite tone in the lounge area.

The designers of this house have also curated a few art pieces to decorate the corridor leading to the lift lobby.

These floor-to-ceiling glass panels make the bedroom area feel more spacious and also allows for a full view of the Cove’s waterfront.


There is also an outdoor pool decked out on the rooftop so that one can immerse in the panoramic view of Sentosa Cove.

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