Mark Wiens, Travel Blogger & YouTuber
As part of the food hunt in Bangkok, the team had the opportunity to be aided by Mark Wiens, a passionate, committed food lover and blogger. Being well-versed in the to-go places for food from street food and sweets to hawker fare, Mark shows the team the right things to eat, and where to find them. On top of enlightening us on the food situation in the land of smiles, Mark also shares with us his journey in working towards and growing his empire of food blogging and curations, and how he carved this out as a career.
Mark Wiens is first and foremost fixated on a love for food and its connecting quality, then comes his identity as an international food blogger. Despite being based in Bangkok, he has documented and enlightened his viewers on the different ethnic delicacies of a vast number of countries that he has been to. Utilising youtube as a platform for his videos since 2009, Mark has managed to gradually gain traction and has achieved a stunning 300k subscribers coupled with over 61 million views on his channel videos – a testament to his craft and passion for these forums that he started up mainly to share his love for food. He has even worked and and curated a video on Thai food exploration with Andrew Zimmern, an American food television personality and chef, and producer of the well-received “Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmern”. Well-rounded and amiable in nature, Mark Wiens channels and platforms are worth a look if you need help navigating the food map in countries you are planning to visit, otherwise simply pay him a visit if you love food!

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