Monthly Box Subscription Services In Singapore You Should Check Out

Everyone loves receiving packages – much more receiving a surprise. These monthly box subscription services make unwrapping a package that much more exciting, and something you can look forward to every month.
These services offer personalized packages according to your preference, in line with their monthly theme. With these deliveries, you can also try an array of flavours or products you never would have known.
1. Made Real


Made Real curates wholesome snacks for health junkies, or even those looking to pursue a more healthy lifestyle. They pick products from local independent producers who craft foods that are beneficial for the body and soul. Upon subscribing, you will fill in a specific quiz for the company to know your needs and preferences. Customers can choose from a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service, and each box comes with 5-6 snacks.
Subscription: $24.90 per box.
More information here.
2. Pint Society


The Pint Society is Singapore’s first ice cream subscription service, delivering 2 hand-crafted pints of ice cream to your house. The innovative and unique flavours crafted by their chefs are sure to be a delight to try. Made from quality hand picked ingredients, these tubs of joy are definitely a bang for your buck.
Subscription: From $38 per month.
More information here.

3. Ohh My Box


One of the only monthly subscription box dedicated to men, Ohhmybox sends you lifestyle and grooming products from international brands. Boxes are curated based on your personality – upon subscription, you are required to fill up a questionnaire and each box is selected to complement your lifestyle and align with their monthly theme.

Subscription: From $49 per month.
More information here.

4. Batterful


Batterful aims to rejuvenate the baking scene in Singapore, being the pioneer in providing a subscription service to home-bakers. In their box, you can find everything you need – specialty ingredients carefully measured out according to the recipe provided and specific baking tools. Batterful also makes interesting bite-sized videos showing step-by-step instructions on how to follow their recipes.

Subscription: Their website is currently undergoing upgrading, but usual boxes go for $29.95, not including delivery fee.
More information here.

5. Perrobox


Treat your furry friend with this monthly subscription box – there will be at least 4 healthy and delicious treats and a fun toy from selected suppliers catered to your dog’s size. The team carefully picks out the most wholesome treats and cuts out treats with unnecessary additives and artificial fillers.

Subscription: From $29.90 for small dogs, $34.90 for medium sized dogs, to $36.90 for large dogs.
More information here.

6. The French Cellar


Once a month, 2 exclusive bottles of wine selected by the French Cellar’s 3-star Michelin sommelier with his wine tasting guide will be sent to your house. You can pick from three packages, Vineyard Gem, Tasting Voyage, and Grand Cus – for the explorer, enthusiast and gourmet respectively – starting from $79. There will also be videos and tasting notes on how to become an expert.

Subscription: From $79 monthly (over 12 months) for 2 bottles of wine, to $259 monthly (over 12 months) for 2 bottles of wine.
More information here.

7. Thirsty Beer


Local craft beer shop Thirsty will send 6 bottles of craft beer to your doorstep for 3 months, starting from $178. This service allows you to taste small batch craft beers from independent breweries hailing from all around the world.
Subscription: From $178 (6 beers monthly) to $628 (24 beers monthly) for three months.
More information here.

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