New Container-Themed Bistro Park At Tebing Lane With 7 Eateries

Food lovers rejoice – a container-themed park has arrived at Tebing Lane featuring a wide range of food and desserts. With 6 different stores (and one yet to open), you will be spoiled for choice with so many different cuisines you can try your hand at while being surrounded by amazing scenery and colourful containers.
1. Big Fish Small Fish
Big Fish Small Fish
Big Fish Small Fish 3
Big Fish Small Fish
One of the highlights was the Fish and Chips from Big Fish Small Fish – the meal was served in a cone which could be easily propped up on the table. There are a variety of fishes to choose from, ranging from Dory ($6.90) to Sea Bass ($9.90) and Fresh Red Snapper ($15.90). Inside the light and airy batter was a piece of tender, juicy fish, accompanied by crispy and flavourful fries. Another highlight includes their Salted Egg Fried Calamari with Dried Bonito Flakes ($7.90).
Big Fish Small Fish 2
Even better, an unexpectedly wide variety of sauces was available, and the XO Mayo and Salted Egg Sauce were particularly unusual and delightful complements to the meal.
Big Fish Small Fish 4
Big Fish Small Fish 5
Besides their outstanding fish and chips, their desserts were pretty eye-catching, exemplifying East-West fusion. A hit among the customers includes the Ondeh Ondeh Churos ($6.90) that is accompanied by a decadent chocolate dip.
Big Fish Small Fish 1
Big Fish Small Fish
Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: 11AM to 10PM
Friday to Sunday: 11AM to 2AM
2. D’Grill
Serving up some Singaporean all-time favourites like Grilled Hot Plate Sambal Stingray ($13), D’Grill is generous with their portions, coating the stingray in a thick sambal sauce with chunks of tomato and spring onions. 
Fried Bamboo Clam with Garlic Sauce ($13), and Deep-Fried French Fries with Truffle Salt ($6.50) which had a light earthy truffle fragrance which goes easy on tastebuds.
Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: 5PM to 12AM
Friday and Saturday: 5Pm to 1AM
3. Seoul Good
Seoul Good
Seoul Good
Whipping up classic Korean goodness, the 4pc Bulgogi Chicken Wings with Iced Lemon Tea Set ($7.90) was succulent and well marinated, with tomato bits and garlic sprinkled on top.
Seoul Good
How can you leave a Korean restaurant and not treat yourself to some bingsu? The Strawberry Bingsu Milk Base ($18.90) was covered with plenty of fresh strawberries, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and generously drizzled with strawberry sauce.
Seoul GoodSeoul Good
Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 5PM to 11PM
Friday and Saturday: 5PM to 2am
4. Leung Kee Healthy DessertLeung Kee Healthy Dessert
Leung Kee Health Dessert is a family-run business with roots in Hong Kong, whose third-generation chef is operating their first Singapore store here. The desserts are made daily by the chef with 30 years of experience, ensuring that every bowl you get is fresh out of the kitchen.
Crowd favourites include the Sesame Paste ($3.80), which sells out quite often so do head down early if you are intending to give it a try, and the Mango Sago Pomelo Dessert ($5.80) which is a refreshing treat on a hot afternoon.
Their desserts are made with quality in mind, with the traditional Red Bean Soup ($3.30) being accompanied by orange pulps, giving it a refreshing twist; their Walnut Paste ($4.20) was slightly grainy, proving that it is truly authentic and not made from artificial flavourings.
Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday: 5PM to 11PM
5. L’Chaim Bistro
 L'Chaim Bistro L'Chaim Bistro
Unlike any other restaurants, L’Chaim Bistro’s menu changes everyday. This bold eatery’s daily specials sell out pretty quickly daily, however, they have the usual bar snacks like Prawn Rolls ($8+) and Sotong Balls ($8+).
 L'Chaim Bistro L'Chaim Bistro
Their specialty lies in the craft beers which are home-brewed by the owners. A popular in-house drink would be Singapore Blonde Ale ($6+/half pint) which has some familiar local flavours as it is brewed with Calamansi and Pandan leaves. If you prefer something lighter, try their Belgian Wit ($6+) as it delivers a refreshing flavour with its orange peel and coriander.
 L'Chaim Bistro
Happy hour lasts from 5PM to 8PM where you can have 1-for-1 craft beer at $18.
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 5PM to 12AM
Saturday and Sunday: 5PM to 3AM
6. Pump Station Bar & Bistro
Pump StationPump Station
Unique themed, Pump Station Bar & Bistro is a vintage treasure trove with its rustic and old-school furnishings, and the adorable Volkswagen planted on its rooftop is pretty hard to miss.
Pump Station
Unwind within the chill interiors with a pretty reasonably priced bucket of bottled beer for $30 along with their customer-favourites, Smoked Duck Pasta ($14.90) and Seafood Pasta ($13.90).
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 5PM to 1AM
Saturday and Sunday: 5PM to 2AM
How To Get There
10 Tebing Lane, Singapore 828836
Take the Punggol LRT and alight at Riveria station. Walk past See Sing Soon and you will be able to see the Container Park behind Popeyes.

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