NEW Experimental, Variety Clothing Store in Singapore!

A new ‘experimental, variety clothing store’ has opened up along Veerasamy Road in Singapore! Not to be mistaken as a typical vintage thrift store, STAKEOUT showcases a variety of brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Carhartt, Levi’s, LL Bean, Nike, Adidas, Burberry, and Dickies. Brought to you by the creators of Loop Garms, STAKEOUT offers an array of brand new and secondhand apparel in excellent condition, at affordable prices.

In Japan, there  is a proverb, “出る杭は打たれる”, which, when translated and further dissected, suggests that “people who try to set themselves apart from the crowd will be pulled down in envy by those around them”. This conservative expression is used to describe the idea of fitting in – that individuals who stand out are brought down to be at the same level of the people in the community.

The expression can also be used to describe the mentality that we see so often across all lifestyles locally. Individuals often want to stand out, but are afraid to be outstanding – fearing that they will be judged for being different, or for exploring options outside the norm. STAKEOUT, on the other hand, believes this mindset traps us in a bubble of conformity, weighing us down from soaring and achieving milestones beyond those set for us by people who want us to live life by their rules.

Challenging that idea, STAKEOUT aims to celebrate one’s individuality. Set within an all-embracing space, the brand hopes to encourage YOU to be your authentic selves, to be experimental, and to remind you that it is okay to be different, that it’s okay to be the oddball… that it’s okay to be YOU. Staking a claim, if you will!

Unlike Loop Garms, which strives to cultivate a deeper appreciation for vintage clothing, and emphasise that vintage is beyond aesthetics, STAKEOUT, is truly about having fun, mixing and matching, trying out different styles, and coming out of one’s comfort zone.

Importing most of their items directly from the US and Japan, STAKEOUT presents a specially curated selection of only the best apparel. In-store, the brand’s staff also provide tips and advice on how people can mix and match items.



Address: 635 Veerasamy Road # 01-154 Singapore 200635

Operating Hours: 12:30pm-7:30pm, daily

Price Range: $25-$95+


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