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Pho Street Introduces New Spicy Broth & Meat-Free Dishes!

Pho Street will be releasing a whole lot of new food items that will definitely satisfy your Vietnamese food cravings!

The Signature Pho Beef Combination contains a secret ingredient broth boiled for 8 hours, drizzled with special blend oil, topped with handmade beef balls and different cuts of beef, with imported Vietnamese pho. It seems pretty value for money, considering the generous amount of ingredients included.

Pho Street is also offering 3 levels of Spiciness for their broth to suit your liking. Choose from the following:

Level 1: Perfect Pho Anyone

Level 2 : Pho-nomenal 

Level 3: Only Pho The Daredevils.
We decided to challenge ourselves with the level 3 and it was indeed only “pho the daredevils”!

We tried the Original (non spicy) broth too and enjoyed it equally as much — no gamey taste and a fragrant broth from the result of hours of boiling.

Pho Street is also offering meat-free dishes to cater to consumers of all dietary preferences. The restaurant has partnered up with Quorn, a meat substitute known for being high in protein, high in fibre. Feeling peckish? We recommend the Meat-Free Summer Roll ($4.90), a clean and delicious roll that won’t leave you feeling bloated. 

A meatless pho option is the Meat-Free Pho Soup ($8.90), made with Quorn’s meat-free balls. While the meatballs are typically used in pasta, they go perfectly with their pho dishes. They also have a dry pho option, such as the Meat-Free Dry Rice Vermicelli ($8.90). For this dish, Quorn’s meat-free protein is used to replace actual meat. It is almost impossible to differentiate from actual chicken meat; in fact they taste just like nuggets.

The revamped menu includes dishes like a Vietnamese Snack Platter ($8.90), Dry Rice Vermicelli with Spicy Beef & Spring Roll ($13.90/set, $9.90/ala carte) and Banh Mi options from $6.50. If you’re heading down with friends, the snack platter makes for a great starter as you get a mix of crispy fried pork rolls, roasted chicken skewers and vietnamese prawn cakes.

Don’t forget to order drinks too; the new menu includes refreshing sodas and coolers at $3.90. We wanted to also get a dessert, so we went for the Vietnamese Three Colour Dessert ($3.50). This sweet finisher pairs extremely well with the spicy pho and balances out the spice rather nicely.

For a limited time only, Pho Street will be offering $2 off total bill when you pay with OCBC Pay Anyone™ app (with minimum spending of $10). Terms & Conditions apply.
Check out their website for the full list of Pho Street Outlets!

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