Play Nation's First 24-hour Toy Vending Machine At Newest Outlet In Tampines Hub

Most youths have been to Play Nation at Prinsep Street or Scape at some point of time in their lives. Even with the establishment of an increasing variety of recreational spots, unwinding with a group of friends by screaming over Mario Kart or laughing over Cards Against Humanity is an experience that cannot be replaced by any other.
This year, Play Nation has finally opened their third outlet at Tampines Hub, giving Singaporeans yet another reason to partake on the Journey to the East.
The Main Space


Right off the bat, some major improvements could be seen – this outlet was significantly more roomy, having opted for a more minimalistic interior in exchange for increased personal space for gamers. The tables dedicated to board gaming were spacious, with plenty of room to spare for snacks on the side.
With a space conceptualised by a President’s Design Award winning studio, the interior saw playful artwork featuring the Play Nation Monkey mascot, as well as several pieces of furnishings unique to the gaming world. Doesn’t their counter remind you of a certain classic game starring an Italian plumber?


Right next to their massive shelf of board games would be the entrance to this console gaming room, which is able to accommodate up to 20 people at a time. Kick up your feet and sink into their plush sofas, which can guarantee you much comfort during your hours of gaming.


If your group of friends prefer a dedicated space to contain all your excited screaming, then opt for either one of their two private rooms, which come equipped with two TV screens, cosy sofas with throw pillows, and the perfect mood lighting. Featured in the picture above is The Right Klipsch Room, a private gaming space armed with powerful Klipsch speakers. Take your gaming experience to the next level with high quality, full-bodied sound.
Equipped with a full-fledged kitchen and a robust menu, Play Nation’s Tampines outlet could not go without a dedicated dining space. Grab some grub with your friends before commencing on your hours-long gameplay – you would need the energy to out-shake them in Raving Rabbids.
The Food
One wouldn’t think of Play Nation as a place to grab lunch, but the food at this outlet might just change your mind.
Enjoy main courses such as the Classic Grilled Chicken Chop ($9.90) –which consists of grilled chicken marinated in oriental spice mix – or the Salmon Teriyaki Rice Bowl ($11.90) – a bowl of short grain rice and egg onion, topped with salmon fillets doused in sweet teriyaki sauce. For a franchise that is just beginning to dip its toes into the F&B scene, the food available is not only a great spread, but of great quality.
Have some appetisers whilst you and your friends immerse yourselves in a game – perfect for when you’re either the first to lose (or first to win), because you don’t want get grease all over your Wii Remote, do you? Wolf down the Korean Style Chicken Wings ($7.90) or Truffle Shoestring Fries ($7.90) before your friends even get the chance to do so, and trust us – they are incredibly worth it. Extremely fragrant and mouth-watering, our tray of wings and tub of fries were almost cleaned out by the time our games had loaded.
Other appetisers you can order include a Seafood Basket ($7.90) — which contains crispy shrimp and calamari — Meatballs Teriyaki ($6.90), and Chilli Beef Cheese Fries ($6.90).
If you order a beverage alongside a tub of any of the above appetisers, you can look forward to receiving your items contained in a neat little box for just $9.90. Perfect for setting down on your lap while you work your controller.
The Games
Of course, indulging in console games and board games goes without saying here at Play Nation. Take your pick between the classic party games of Ugly DollSushi Go, or Exploding Kittens, or sit down for an hour long session of Ticket To Ride or Avalon.
With their massive selection of games, you can expect to see viral games available as well, an example being this game of Penguin Trap that you might have seen an adorable grandma playing in a video.
If you’ve been meaning to try your hand at the Singaporean version of Cards Against Humanity, Limpeh Says, then Play Nation is the perfect place to do so. Besides retailing at $40 in stores, Play Nation also offers this game for play in all three branches, lest you can’t afford the hefty price tag.
Play Nation’s console games are constantly updated to include the latest gaming trends, so don’t come here expecting only to see the same old games of Guitar Hero or Mario Kart  – though they are irreplaceable classics. Demonstrate teamwork with a friend in Overcooked, or punch and kick your way through Kung-Fu High Impact for Kinect.
Play ATM and Pom Pomz
Situated at its exterior is the Play ATM, which may well be the distinguishing feature of Play Nation’s Tampines branch. It is a 24/7, interactive vending machine of toys and games open to the public, currently stocking around 20 items for your choosing. Take your pick between a variety of Tsum Tsum Stackables ($13.90)Toy Miniatures ($9–9.90) or even a pack of Monopoly Deal cards  ($9.90).
At prices around the $10–15 range, the items here are shuffled and restocked every few weeks to bring customers a fresh set of choices each visit. If you’re spoilt for choice, customers may also opt for a “surprise” item, which gives you anrandom item from the machine at just $9.
Right next to the bar is yet another interactive touchscreen open to the public, accessible to all whether you’re a customer or not. This time, it’s a free-to-play, single-player game coded by developers in Play Nation themselves – Pom Pomz, a game reminiscent of the popular mobile game, Tsum Tsum. Start a game by first selecting two power-ups, then try to beat the high score by matching as many of the same characters as possible within the stipulated time – giving your screen of Pom Pomz a shake with a quick tap of the button at the bottom. After a gruelling one minute, enter your name, and bask in the glory of having it displayed on the leaderboard.
A well thought-out space with fresh elements such as the Play ATM and free-to-play touchscreen game, Play Nation at Tampines Hub manages to give their usual gaming experience a breath of fresh air without compromising on the usual entertainment. With frequent ongoing promotions for their gaming hours and food to rely on, you can rest assured that having some fun will not break your bank. As usual, check out the rates here and book your time slots to avoid disappointment.
Festive Mall @ Tampines Hub
51 Tampines Ave 4
Singapore 529684
Opening Hours:
Mon–Thu: 1200–2300
Fri & Sat: 1200–0100
Sun: 1200–2200
+65 6904 4885

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